She Spies

Season 2 Episode 13

Leotards and Lies

Aired Unknown Feb 02, 2004 on
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Episode Summary

The She Spies work to find a kidnapped world-class gymnast who's being held hostage in exchange for classified information that her treasonous father has hidden.

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    Natasha Henstridge

    Natasha Henstridge

    Cassie McBain

    Natashia Williams

    Natashia Williams

    Shane Phillips

    Cameron Daddo

    Cameron Daddo

    Quentin Cross (Season 2)

    Kristen Miller

    Kristen Miller

    Deedra "D.D." Cummings

    Jamie Iglehart

    Jamie Iglehart

    Duncan Baleu (Season 2)

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • Shane tells D.D. to call campus security and shut down all the exits. Umm, it's a pretty wide open large-sized campus and we're talking campus security. I live by a large campus, and a) they have too many exits to manageably "seal," and b) campus security are a bunch of guys who drive around in little golf-cart style vehicles and deal wtih petty vandalism and drunks. No offense to the noble profession of campus security guards, but it's pretty unlikely they could track down escaping kidnappers.

      • How does Cassie know that D.D. thinks "limber is hot"? She wasn't at the campus where D.D. and Shane discussed "limber" and we see them get together and start talking about Julie, then doing some spy chat, then Cassie talking about D.D. thinking limber is hot. Even if that's the kind of thing they'd share, they didn't seem to have any time to do so.

      • The baby doll they use at the end for Julie's baby is pretty fake looking - notice when Shane hands it back how it's as stiff as a board.

    • QUOTES (4)

      • Cassie: So let me get this straight. Funny is hot, young is hot, smart is hot, limber is hot. Is there anything's that not hot?
        D.D.: Yeah, my love life.

      • Duncan: Who do you consider to be a very attractive man?
        Cassie: Colin Farrell.
        Shane: Brad Pitt.
        D.D.: Ari Flescher.
        Cassie & Shane: Ari Flescher?!?
        D.D.: He's smart. And smart as hot.
        Cassie: Yeah, that Ben Stein is just fighting them off with sticks.

      • Duncan: Okay, I'll set to track the incoming signal to the pay phone, and this is our universe.
        Cross: Maybe we should narrow the search parameters?
        Duncan: Never rule out an alien abduction. (Cross stares) Uhhh, hah! Just a joke.

      • Cassie: You guys could've got hurt out there.
        Shane: With our egos no one gets hurt.

    • NOTES (1)

      • Jeff Conaway makes the fifth Babylon 5 regular to appear in She Spies as a major character (Boxleitner, Christian, Carter, Teague, are the first four).

    • ALLUSIONS (2)