She Spies

Season 1 Episode 3

Poster Girl

Aired Unknown Aug 03, 2002 on
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Episode Summary

The Spies go after two brothers running a bogus charity scam.

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Dylan Neal

Dylan Neal

Dr. Paul Ellison

Guest Star

Donna Pieroni

Donna Pieroni

Customs Guard

Guest Star

Louis Mandylor

Louis Mandylor

Leo Divornak

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Dr. Paul says Amy has been under their treatment for years as if he was there treating her - woudln't he have noticed she never aged?

    • When Shane holds up the spoon to watch Bick, the image is right-side up. A concave surface would reflect the image upside down.

    • Bick's fight double during the long shots of the fight on the yacht with Shane has a radically different hairstyle then Shawn Toub's widow's peak.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Bick: Freeze!
      Shane: (thinking) Nobody says 'Freeze' anymore.

    • (product placement)
      Safe-Cracking Kit - $19.95 - available at

    • Bick: Step out of the shadows.
      Shane: Can't. Bad hair day.
      Bick: How would you like bad 'brain splattered on the wall' day?
      Shane: I don't know. How'd you like 'girl kicked my gun away and broke my nose' day?
      Bick: How would you like a... (pause - can't get a comeback) Shut up!

    • Shane: How long?
      D.D.: Sixty seconds or a minute, whichever comes first.
      Shane: Just a fashion thing. I'd hate to get little shards of glass all over my outfit.

    • (all thinking to themselves)
      D.D.: Someone's going down!
      Shane: Time to kick some butt!
      Cassie: This thong is killing me!

    • (more product placement)
      Illegal Listening Device - $49.95 (with coupon)

    • Jack: (over the radio) If you can hear me, say 'I can hear you.'

    • D.D.: Makes me ashamed of my alma mater.
      Cassie: You went to Harvard?
      D.D.: Yeah, but I was only magna cum laude.
      Cassie: That's Latin for 'I hacked test answers from my professor's computer.'

    • Shane: Is that a frozen chicken you're sitting on?
      Paul: What?
      Shane: Is that a frozen chicken you're sitting on?
      Paul: Oh, I know this one. Then the bartender says...
      Shane: Get up!

    • (more close-up mouth split-screening)
      D.D.: Shane, your teeth look so bright.
      Shane: Thank you. Cassie, you actually have a tiny wad of spinach stuck between yours.
      Cassie: That's weird. I haven't had spinach since Thursday.
      Shane: Don't you floss?
      Cassie: Well, it's hard to find time with all these chases.
      D.D.: It's important to find the time. It's critical to the prevention of gum disease.
      Shane: I've heard it can help prevent heart disease as well.
      Cassie: That's amazing. How can flossing prevent heart disease?
      Jack: Girls...the bad guy. Their yacht at the marina?
      Everyone: Right...

    • Cassie: Did I happen to mention my other passion? (knees guy in groin) Kick ball.

    • Amy: Who the hell are you people?
      Shane: We're ex-cons working for a clandestine group to take down low-lifes likes you.
      Mica: That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
      Cassie: Yeah, everyone always says that.
      Shane: Right before we kick their asses.

    • Final wrap-up: After serving a lengthy prison sentence, brothers Leo and Mica Divornak were surgically attached at the hip and are currently touring state fairs across the country.

    • Final wrap-up: After being cured of her rare illness and regaining use of her legs, Amy left the hospital and was promptly hit by a taxi. She is currently trying to re-regain the use of her legs.

    • Final wrap-up: Having spurned D.D.'s advances, Dr. Paul moved to Paris where he became a runway model. He now goes under the name "Starfire."

    • Final wrap-up: The song "Evil Doctor" is currently #3 in Japan. All royalties are donated to the Dr. Zirby fund for young evil doctors.

    • Shane: A thing like that could give a girl baton envy.

    • Jack: It's not my butt you should be worried about, it's yours.

    • Shane: It's sleeze like that that gives sleeze like us a bad name.
      Jack: Yeah, well, contact your union.

    • Jack: Your job is to find and get your hands on the money and save the children's hospital, and expose the Divornaks as fraud-monsters.
      D.D.: Is 'fraud-monsters' a word?

    • Shane: How come [D.D.] gets to be a nurse?
      Jack: You think I'd trust either one of you to stick me with a needle?
      Cassie: Would you trust me with a 'turn your head and cough' thing?

    • (split-screen breaking into a computer)
      D.D.: Ten seconds. I'm almost in the computer, Jack.
      Cassie: I'm waxing my legs, Jack.
      Shane: I have absolutely nothing to do, Jack.
      Jack: Get off the line!
      D.D.: Okay, Jack.
      Jack: Not you, D.D.!
      Strange Guy: I'm calling to complain about the kung pao chicken. I said mild.
      Jack: Who is that?
      Strange Guy: This isn't Hong Kong Palace?
      Jack: No. Will everyone please get off the line?
      D.D: Okay.
      Jack: Not you, D.D.!

    • D.D.: Wow, are those all your real teeth? I mean, 'Hi'.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Last episode to air on NBC.

    • The safe-cracking kit isn't available at ;)

    • On the wall of the apartment (and on Jack's surveillance van) there's a sign: Pakor Cheese something. Pakor Frozen Foods was a place where The Centre stored embryoes in The Pretender, Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle's previous series, brutally canceled by NBC.

    • So are producer Steven Long Mitchell and Sam Ayers related or something? Mitchell also produced The Pretender, and Ayers was a regular on there as "Sam the Sweeper."


    • The Thin Man in Black:
      One gets the impression Zack Ward's pre-credit bad guy is a homage to Crispin Glover's "The Thin Man" in the original Charlie's Angels movie.