She Spies

(ended 2004)





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  • A show about three career criminals, Cassie, Dee Dee, and Shane, who have been recruited by a secret government agency to work on the side of good and bring down the bad guys.

    This show was highly underappreciated. I know that from the very first airing. She Spies never took itself seriously and I think that is why most of the viewing audience could not appreciate it for what it was, a spoof. Xena, La Femme Nikita, Buffy, Alias, any show with a female lead as action hero was its target. Maybe it was a little before its time, perhaps it would have made a good movie something in the vain of the Scary Movie franchise. This show had everything from the over the top tech ops, to the big guns, to bad guys with fake accents and retarded plans, even the fact that the lackies always come after you one at a time and no matter how many shots were fired no one could aim. I loved this show but, I knew it would be cancelled soon after it began. So, I thank Dee Dee, Cassie, and Shane for the memories. Download this show, the laughs are worth the wait.