She Spies

Season 1 Episode 9

Spies vs. Spy

Aired Unknown Nov 18, 2002 on
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The Spies go up against a former member of the project when they protect an ambassador's daughter on her wedding day.

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  • The spies go undercover at a wedding and realize they are up against a former spy.

    This was a great episode. I liked the role each spy had when going undercover. In addition, I liked how the three outsmarted Tanya at the end by showing up in their black spy uniforms and setting up a trap. The fight at the end between Cassie and Tanya was a classic. I like all the punches they threw at each other. I also liked it when Cassie tossed a bowl of salad at Tanya.moreless

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    • Elaine: Wow! You guys get paid to hurt people! Can I be a She Spies?

    • Tanya: You should be thankful, you know. Some species the female eats the male after mating.
      Jack: And not in the way we like it.

    • Jack: You said you wanted to butter up the boss, I didn't know you meant it literally.

    • Shane: Cause if anyone thought she was a sacred cow, I'd just have to kick her flank steak.
      D.D.: And I'd might just have to...ummm, use some other bovine-appropriate metaphor
      Cassie: How about we all stop chewing our cud and find out who is the Grade-A beef and who's the ground round?

    • Cassie: Next time we have got to use a stronger sedative.

    • Jack: The one thing about Tanya is she's relentless - in fact, she scored a perfect 100% on the relentless part of the She Spies entrance exam.

    • Jack: Well, that was 24 seconds well spent.

    • D.D.: Whitney Houston - we have a problem!

    • Elaine: (hearing Shane 'scat') I'm sorry - is that...Esperanto?

    • Elaine: He's from Kurkministan. No... Jurkizistan. Or is it Menturkistan? Anyway, it's a 'stan'.

    • D.D.: A wedding does bring out the best in a man.
      Jack: (entering) Oh, I've got the worst gas day.
      Shane: We're getting better at setting up our comedic entrances.

    • Cassie: This is my cover – Halle Burnbottom? If we're going to do gag names, why not just go straight for Stinky McPoopers?

    • Cassie: If we're guarding a wedding, why are we staking out Heather Graham's house?
      Jack: (hastily) Oh no, that's a separate mission. That idea was rejected.

    • D.D.: I cast TV's James Van Der Beek as the groom.
      Jack: There's been a death threat.
      D.D.: On James Van Der Beek?
      Jack: Yes, the death threat is on James Van Der Beek.
      Cassie: That sarcasm thing again.
      D.D.: I noticed.

    • Cassie: I get it. We make a joke and you pretend to be going along with us but you're actually being sarcastic.
      D.D.: That's very clever.
      Shane: And very effective. I'll think twice before trying that again.

    • Cassie: Oh, you thought we were talking about you.
      D.D.: That must be so embarrassing.
      Shane: Would my face be red.
      Jack: So how exactly does it work? You sit around plotting these various little ways to humiliate me?
      Shane: Sometimes.
      D.D.: Sure. Over lunch
      Shane: Or if we have a few spare moments in the car.
      Cassie: Mostly it's spur of the moment though.
      Jack: Let's make it a spur some other moment.

    • Jack: Let me assure you, given the right circumstances, I would be a lucky man to have an unhealthy, self-destructive and totally inappropriate relationship with each and every one of you...and I mean that.

    • D.D.: I think we could all watch a little more PBS.

    • Cassie: You know what they say...where there's a will, there's someone there to contest it.

    • Cassie: It's not your fault. It's just some days are just a waste of Prozac.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Jack's comment about their first six cases having cost overruns is an in-joke to the fact the first six episodes of the series went overbudget which is why subsequent ones have been so cheap.


    • D.D.: I had the most wonderful dream. And you were there, and you were there, and so were you.
      This refers to the movie The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy says this line (or one very much like it) just after she "gets back" from Oz.

    • Background Music: Rocky Theme
      Plays the Rocky theme music during the suggestion they undergo training.