She Spies

Season 1 Episode 2

The Martini Shot

Aired Unknown Jul 27, 2002 on
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Cassie goes undercover as a runway model to break up a fashion industry ring.

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  • Mad is bad and that what's good! Try to say it 3 times very fast!

    It's always funny when a currently actress, who once was a model, make fun of models. Natasha Henstridge playing a shallow model is really funny, cause then we get to see that we are not the only ones to ever make fun of models, they do it for themselves too! About the ep, nothing you couls actually buy it... but after the scene about BAD is not GOOD you won't even care about the serie, just rewind and watch that scene over and over!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • For some reason James DiStefano's character is identified as "augusto martini" in the end-credits, even though the bad guy is clearly identified several times as "Frederico" in the episode.

    • At least several people at the Furry Party are dressed as birds, not mammals or quadrupeds.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Cassie: And you don't want to see me mad. Do you know why?
      Karg: Why?
      Cassie: Because mad is bad. Repeat after me. 'Mad is bad.'
      Karg: 'Mad is bad'?
      Cassie: Louder.
      Karg: Mad is bad.
      Cassie: That's good.
      Karg: Mad is good?
      Cassie: Of course not. It's bad.
      Karg: Mad is bad or mad is good?
      Cassie: Mad is bad and that's what good.
      Karg: It's good that it's bad?
      Cassie: And it's bad that it's good.
      Karg: Mad is bad, and bad is good, so that means that mad is good for being bad.
      Cassie: And don't you forget it.

    • End caption: Jack's injuries required a full-body cast, leaving him with the ability to use only his mouth. His date with Katia went wonderfully.

    • Shane: (disguised as a power worker) You know our motto. You can Enron, but you can't hide.

    • D.D.: (pretending to be guys) Nice loogie.
      Shane: Guys never compliment each other on their loogies.
      D.D.: Sorry.
      Shane: Don't let it happen again.

    • Katia: (after a commercial break) Do you know what you've done?
      Cassie: It's been a couple of minutes - remind me.

    • Cassie: You'd think after all these years, one of these places would learn to block the air vents.

    • Jack: If he gets those hands on those trade secrets the livelihoods of thousands of factory workers are at stake.
      Cassie: So is this another one of those conversations where we both know all these things but for some reason we have to say them out loud?
      Jack: Yeah, I guess so.

    • Cassie: 2b. 'To be, or not to be. That is the question - 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune...'
      Jack: (interrupting) Cassie. This ain't exactly Shakespeare.
      Cassie: A girl can dream.

    • She Spies Story Guide Update:
      R-1132, when mixed with beets actually energizes the user briefly before inducing sleep.

    • She Spies Story Guide:
      R-1132, street name: "Sleep Juice". A synthetic tranquilizer most often used by clandestine organizations in their attempts to render an enemy unconscious.

    • Cassie: Bite?
      Katia: I just purged.
      Karg: I'm about to.

    • Frederico Martini
      Last Book Read: "Chicken Soup for the Evil-Doer."

    • Jack: We're a democracy here. All those opposed, say "I want to go back to prison."

    • Jack: This man - Alfredo Martino. Ironically, he's Scandinavian, not Italian. He does have a strong fondness for spumoni.

    • D.D.: What, the third one always has to be funnier than the first two?

    • Jack: Ladies, I have a bone to pick with you.
      Cassie: Darn, I was hoping to have a boneless day.

    • Cassie: I need to hack this up.
      D.D.: Gwynnth Paltrow's Oscar dress?
      Shane: Sex with Tom Arnold?
      Cassie: Not quite doing it.
      D.D.: Roseanne having sex with Tom Arnold?

    • Narrator: Every once in a while, an elite crime fighting team emerges - a highly sophisticated...
      Cassie: Whoa, wait a minute. Excuse me, in case nobody noticed, I swallowed a live bomb. Do you really think this is the time to be running the credits?

    • D.D.: That's insane.
      Meelbow: No more insane then three beautiful ex-cons working for a clandestine government organization., trying to rid the world of all wrongdoing.
      Everyone: Umm, yeah, yep. Pretty much.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Homages in this episode range from James Bond (Cassie's 'Shaken and stirred' line) to Dr. Seuss, to The Avengers movie (the teddy-bear picnic).


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