She Spies

Season 1 Episode 17

The Replacement

Aired Unknown Apr 21, 2003 on
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Episode Summary

International thief Indigo captures Cassie, and the Spies are forced to take on a new teammate to recover her.

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    Brooke Burns

    Brooke Burns

    Nicollete "Nicki" Shields

    Guest Star

    L. Sidney

    L. Sidney

    Head Guard

    Guest Star

    Michael Bailey Smith

    Michael Bailey Smith

    Lucas Winter

    Guest Star

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Shields kicked in the door when they broke into Winters' apartment - when they come back later the door is restored and they kick in the same door again (watch the hinge pins fly).

    • QUOTES (13)

      • D.D.: (undercover) That's why I'm the model and you're the... (long pause)
        Head Guard: Not?
        D.D.: That's the word!

      • Jack: And you actually think Indigo and Henri L'Fontaine are the same person?
        D.D.: Yes.
        Jack: Henri L'Fontaine, the famous fashion designer.
        Shane: No, Henri L'Fontaine the famous tollbooth operator. How many Henri L'Fontaine's do you know?
        Jack: Six. (everyone stares) I used to summer in Quebec.

      • Shane: You've got a record longer than Inna-Gadda-Davida!

      • Jack: It goes without saying . . .
        Cassie: Then why say it?
        Jack: What?
        Cassie: Whatever it was you were about to say.
        Jack: Because it's important.
        D.D.: Not if it goes without saying.
        Jack: But it's very important information
        Shane: It's already been said?
        Jack: Yes
        D.D.: To us?
        Jack: Of course.
        Cassie: So you're just saying it for the benefit of someone who might be watching who didn't hear you say it before?
        Jack: I...guess I am. (glances around at the audience)

      • Jack: I get so upset I can't even remember the right cliché!

      • Nikki: Good thing I didn't wear my atomic heat-seaking pasties.

      • Jack: Dr. Franco, it's happening again. The unshakable feeling I'm a sidekick whose only purpose is to give exposition in an action-adventure show!

      • (watching a pre-recorded tape of Indigo)
        D.D.: Why is he telling us exactly what he's going to do?
        Shane: That's cocky.
        Indigo: I'll tell you why and yes, it is cocky. I'm so good at outguessing you authority types I knew what your last two statements were.
        Jack: He is good.
        Indigo: (still on pre-recorded tape) Aren't I just?

      • Nicki: (to Jack) You're sorta cute in a 'run home and iron your socks' kinda way.

      • Shane: This is torture.
        Nicky: Torture, nah, recovering for a month in a hospital bed after a job, losing the remote, and having to sit through a TVLand marathon of "The Wayan Brothers" - now that's torture.

      • Jack: Since you were lead to that trap...
        D.D.: Jack?
        Jack: What?
        D.D.: You're doing that 'repeating what's already been said' thing again.
        Jack: Oh. Uh...Right. I haven't done the new location set up on this case yet, have I?
        Shane: The location whats-it?
        Jack: One of these...Ladies, get ready for the world of eating disorders, hissy fits, and Eurotrash. Get ready for the wonderful world of...runway modelling.

      • Nikki: To quote a famous philosopher, "Duh".

      • D.D.: Jack, if this Indigo is heretofor unseen, isn't it a little sexist to assume it's a he?
        Shane: Yah, since when are diamonds a guy's best friend?
        Cassie: Yeah, some of the greatest thieves are women – Belle Star, Ma Barker, Madonna... (everyone stares) What? I paid $8 to see "Swept Away."
        Everyone: (sympathetically) Ah...

    • NOTES (2)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Shane: You've got a record longer than In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida!
        In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida was a tremendously popular album released by the rock group Iron Butterfly in 1968, staying on the charts over 140 weeks, including a year or so in the top ten. The title track, which took up the entire second side of the record, is 17:05 long.