She Spies

Season 2 Episode 19

Wedding of the Century

Aired Unknown May 10, 2004 on

Episode Recap

The Spies are going to visit Trenton Foster, a politician and attractive bachelor that D.D.'s attracted to as he is visiting a construction site on a political visit. D.D. spots a sniper and saves the candidate but the killer escapes. Foster is on the Intelligence Committee and requests the Spies act as bodyguards. D.D. is shocked and disappointed to learn that Foster is marrying his aide, Haley. Cassie and Shane are assigned to the wedding planner while D.D. works as an assistant as they all cover the wedding. They spot the assassin but it turns out to be a photographer, brought in by Foster's younger loutish brother. Foster and his fiancée advance the wedding date to the next day.

The wedding continues but Duncan picks up a ticking noise--there's a bomb in the bride's bouquet. The Spies get rid of it just in time and Shane and Cassie go after the florist/assassin. After the wedding they get called back by Cross, and they figure out that Haley was the target and her sister Kendall was the assassin. Haley's alone at the honeymoon cabin and they go to get Kendall--D.D. manages to distract her long enough for the Spies to get Haley clear and take out Kendall.