She Wolf of London

(ended 1991)



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She Wolf of London

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Welcome to the She Wolf of London guide at Randi Wallace heads for Britain to study mythology with a British professor named Ian Matheson. Together, Ian and Randi find themselves investigating supernatural phenomena. Later in the series Randi and Ian return to California where their investigations continue. She Wolf of London was known as Love & Curses during the second half of the season.

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  • I love this series

    I don't care what other people say. I love this tv show, I'm a big werewolf fan, I always looked forward in tuning in every week when they showed it on tv and Kate Hodge is hot, too :)

    I'd love to get the DVD one day. I just wish it would lasted much longer with more episodes.

    It would be cool if they would do a remake of this series, kinda like what they did with Hawaii 50 and it turned out to be a hit as well. Now if they could do that with hawii 50, then they should do it with She Wolf of London tv show but it needs to be done right and I don't want the were to be an ordinary wolf like in true blood, vampire diaries - no, it should be a beast thats in between forms, they way it SHOULD BE!moreless
  • Started out Great, Went Downhill afterward

    I loved this series when I could see it, but looking at it now, I think that the makers were heavily influenced by the American series "The Incredible Hulk" and the movie "An American Werewolf in London." Whenever Kate Hodge changed, she got identical contacts to Bill Bixby's, her clothes ripped and she went nuts, but instead of turning green, muscular and...... bigger (as in a certain Benny Hill sketch), she got hairy. Much of the series was also parallel to the TV series "Friday the 13th" inasmuch as Kate Hodge and Neil Dickson ran into a new monster each week in order to find a cure for her character. Despite the over-acting and the hokey effects of the werewolf role, she did act out the plight of a woman cursed with lycanthropy. Even with the limited premises, the series had a great idea sending her out all over England turning up ghosts, zombies, witches and succubi in her search for a cure for her condition. Unfortunately, someone didn't like how or where the series was heading and they ruined the show by transferring its locale to the United States where it was doomed to fail. Not to bad mouth my country, but moving the series took away any credibility and likeability the show ever had and made if even too campy for my tastes. Without the allure of England and its magical wealth of legends and locales, the show degenerated into so much Hollywood hack. Neil Dickson would get a wonderful role on "Sliders," and Kate Hodge received a temporary comedy role on "Working" before it too joined "She-Wolf" in the category of "If It Ain't Broke - Don't Change It!"moreless

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