Shear Genius

Wednesday 10:00 PM on Bravo Premiered Apr 11, 2007 In Season


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  • Season 3
    • In the finale of Shear Genius, the last task set for the remaining 3 contestants is to create a range of 6 cohesive and appropriate hairstyles for runway models at a famous designer's fashion show. They have to consult with the designer to incorporate his clothing vision into the hairstyles, and they get to pick 2 assistants to help them achieve their runway looks. In the end, who will prove to be shear genius?moreless
    • 3/31/10
      The remaining competitors find themselves at a Hollywood Hills home to style their first celebrity client. For the elimination challenge, legendary stylist Oribe joins as guest judge and offers the stylists some insight into creating a brand for themselves. In this challenge, the stylists must develop looks for two models to create a portfolio they feel best defines their signature look. Will the stylists wow the judges with their originality or will they be sent packing?moreless
    • In an interesting change-up to the shortcut challenge, this week the contestants have to create a hairdo based on a Tool, a Technique, and an Inspiration chosen from a very limited range. There's another catch - they don't get to choose for themselves... For the elimination challenge, the contestants are doing a photo shoot featuring classic movie hairstyles from American cinema.moreless
    • 3/17/10
      This week's shortcut round requires the remaining 5 contestants to be skilled in styling African-American hair so they may create formal but age-appropriate hairstyles for their teenage clients. Then, for the elimination round, the contestants have to style red-carpet-worthy looks from the '60s-'70s era for some VIP guests of a Grammy award winning singer/songwriter.moreless
    • In the shortcut challenge, the remaining contestants have to style fine Asian hair into hairdos inspired by geometrical shapes. In the elimination challenge, the contestants get to help aspiring actresses win their dream acting roles by providing them with appropriate hairdos that match the characters they want to play. When the stylists were done, host Camilla delivers a plot twist, and the contestants find out they have more work ahead if they want to stay in the competition.moreless
    • For this week's shortcut round, the stylists have to produce sleek graduated bobs out of models with long curly hair, without wetting their hair. For the elimination challenge, the stylists take military wives and transform them into 1940s pin-up dolls.
    • This week, the stylists have to incorporate flowers into fresh hairdos for the shortcut round, and transform a few bridesmaids' morning ceremony hairdos into fun exciting new styles for the night's reception at a real-life Indian couple's wedding. A familiar face from past seasons of Shear Genius appears as guest judge.moreless
    • 2/18/10
      One of the contestants falls ill due to food poisoning and was forced to bow out of the shortcut challenge where stylists have to put in natural-looking extensions for men. The elimination challenge consists of contestants pairing up in teams to style their first ever cover shoot... for romance novels.
    • 2/10/10
      The competition is just getting started! And when Kim Vo arrives to explain the next challenge – color repair – the stylists must refresh damaged blonde dye jobs and two stylists fear getting stuck with the dye job from hell. For the elimination challenge, the stylists travel to the iconic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel to create avant-garde hairstyles based on a tasting menu from the hotel's famed Dakota restaurant. Joel Warren from the styling team of Warren-Tricomi joins as guest judge for this challenge. Who will create the most cutting-edge cut and who will get cut?moreless
    • A Risque Runway
      Episode 1
      12 new contestants participate in this competition to be Season 3's Shear Genius with all-new host Camilla Alves and a new panel of judges including Jonathan Antin and Kim Vo. In this week's episode, the stylists are tested on changing punk looks into modern sophisticated hairdos, and creating runway hairstyles that also help cover their models' modesty.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1