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  • Was this a "hair" show, or an art show? Seriously, how many people will not watch this show next season? I for one will not.............

    I must say that I did not enjoy the season and only watched it to the end to see who would finally take it all. Camila Alves is a boring host whose accent may be cute to some, but irritating to most. I was shocked that Brig was declared the winner!!!! She should have been eliminated when she made that three tiered pom-pom mess, but instead she comes back at the end with an entire collection of "do's" that had nothing to do with creating styles from the hair on the clients she was given. Instead, just stick everyones head in a bun (and not all neatly done) and slap on some plastic coated extensions and call it good. I understand the concept of having hairstyles be edgy and different, but what she did, in no way, showcased any real "styling" talent. I think the judges should have gone back and reviewed ALL the work done over the entire season and then come to a conclusion as to who the real "winner" was!!!!!! It wouldn't have been Brig. I will not watch this show when/if a next season comes up.
  • Camila Alves is the worst host. Can she even speak english? she has the worst accent.

    This show has gone down hill and it starts with the host, camila Alves. She has the worst accent and an awful tone to her voice. Every time she talks I want to mute her out. It is very painful to watch. I know she is from a different country, but she really does not have tv presence. This show needs a more powerful, vibrant host. I'm sure there are many of you out there that will not watch next season if she is still on. As far as the hairstylist, what a bunch of babies. Some of them are so full of them selves, yet they couldn't do a simple color or cut. what???

    I rate this show a 1- 2 and that's being nice.
  • yuck!

    What happened to Sheer Genius? The new 'host' is unwatchable - she is so stiff, cold, mono-tone. The contestants all look like they just woke up - still dressed from a weekend long rave. YUCK. I used to love this show. I really miss Jaclyn Smith. That woman oozed class. This whole season seems so trashy and classless. I have watched maybe 30 minutes total this season and plan on not watching again - unless they bring back the old format. I guess they wanted to 'freshen' up the show. If you ask me, they went to the extreme. PLEASE bring back Jaclyn!!
  • Where did they find horrible new host?

    What happened to Jaclyn Smith? She was very classy - and you can understand her. This new gal isn't even pretty and you cannot understand her. In addition to no annunciation her tone is flat and she has no animation. Is/was she a model gone wrong? Doesn't seem to know anything about hair - although I don't think Jaclyn did either - but at least she could fake it. I am sure I am late in commenting - just saw that it was on again and watched it. Indian wedding episode - is this new host from India or is she Latin?
  • What did they do to Shear Genius?!

    Where do I begin to describe how bad this season of Shear Genius is?! The new host, Carla, is terrible! She has no personality, no warmth, no charm and she's not expressive. She's no Jaclyn Smith that's for sure! One of the stylists commented about Carla's accent, she doesn't have an accent, she has a speech impediment. Her voice is very distracting. As for Jonathan – he doesn't give constructive criticism, he just criticizes to show that he can and there's nothing the stylists can do about it. He was so obnoxious on his show that viewers stopped watching – what possessed the producers to use him on this show? Kim Vo is his usual gay overly-smiling self. He was annoying on the previous seasons and he's annoying on this season. I guess one thing about SG didn't change. I won't be watching anymore. I wonder how long before Bravo pulls the plug on Shear Genius…
  • If the new season were a horse, they'd have to shoot it....TWICE!

    New 2010 season proves that this show needs to be 'cut'.
    You don't replace the gorgeous Jaclyn Smith with a very ungorgeous, read fugly, new host. Didn't catch the name, didn't care! They should've invested in a sock puppet, at least they could've given it a better 'do. I mean, the mangey nappy mop atop that girl's head is where old rats and bugs go to die, ick.
    The contestants are the same as every other season, new faces, same boring 4th grade mentalities and drama. You really have to wonder about everything when the so-called 'experts' look like they're own hair's just come from a few rounds with the ugly-hair-stick. Especially, the dude with the yellow hair, he shouldn't be allowed to critique anyone till he at least throws a hat or scarf around that straw-man quoif. Bravo's descent into the depths of bad taste has been a fast one, and there seems to be no limit down toward the murky bottom. If this show were a horse, they'd have to shoot it...twice, and the remains wouldn't even qualify for dog food!
  • This show really is cutting edge television!

    It's about time that Bravo brought back Shear Genius for a second season! I still remember season one, and all the great characters in it: Tyson, Daisy, Tabatha, Ninja Ben, that chick who used the hedge clippers after the challenge, and of course, season 1 winner Anthony. Like Top Design, which is also a guilty pleasure of mine, I thought it was just a one-season deal. But boy am I glad that I was mistaken! The second season is just as good, if not better than the first, with a whole bunch of new wacky characters, like Charlie, Oshun, Daniel, Dee, Nicole and my personal fave, Paulo. I really hope that there is a third season, this show really is shear genius!
  • I've watch several episode of Shear Genius and I really enjoyed watching the hairstyles,demonstrate their talents of the different type of hair cut's on surfer, children, Dogs, and women with Alopecia(wig).

    I've watch several episode of Shear Genius and I really enjoyed watching the hairstyles, demonstrate their talents on the different hair types, on surfer, children, Dogs, and women with Alopecia(wig). But what concerned me the most was I saw no African American getting their hair done, is there a reason why the show does not style African American hair. In order to be a true stylist you have to cut and style all types of hair.I'v always thought hairstyling was a part of a multiculture organization society is a melting pot of culture it's alway good to be Versatile .
  • I LOVE IT!!!!

    I LOVE IT!!!!

    I read on another review that the ratings wern't doing good. Actually, I'm in tv and their numbers are doing fantastic for a Bravo show.I find it fun and the characters exciting. Love Daniel! Can't wait for more!!!!! I'm really getting excited for the Charlies Angels challenge. I hope they have Farrah and Kate! That would be so exciting. I just LOVE the angels. Total cult classic.

    Reading some of the other reviews...Think it's funny that people hate the show but still continue to watch. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me since there are hundreds of channels.
  • A review on the Bravo TV show, "Shear Genius"

    True, it is another reality TV show, but a GREAT reality TV show! It's extremely entertaining, especially for those interested in the art of hair. I reccomend it for anyone looking for some firm reality television, "Shear Genius" is the way to go! Its not extremely famous or heard of, like "The apprentice" and I'm not sure why it isn't! It's a hit and I hope to see another season of it! It seems that a lot of people have different views on the show, it all depends on how you look at it! Hey, you should watch it sometime, you might be surprised!
  • Finally! Life has been breathed back into my Wednesday nights!

    After that snore-fest of Top Design, i saw the commercials for Shear Genius and practically moaned. But hey, i need something to fill Wednesday nights until "Runway" comes back, so i watched it anyway. It was like i had been re-awakened from an interior design nightmare.
    The fun and energy were back, with entertaining challenges, AND entertaining contestants, too!
    Always upbeat, and never dull, i finally look forward to Wednesday nights again.
    So yes, it is ANOTHER Bravo reality show, but at least pretty much all of the shows have been top-quality. They're not trashy, thrown together stupid shows that aren't worth the time (although... i wouldn't reccomend wasting your time with a Top Design marathon...). Therefore, people shouldn't complain.
    Shear Genius does not dissapoint, by any means.
    Overall show grade: B+
  • Just another reality show? True but it's just as good as the rest of them out there, it's great fun to watch, i'm so happy that i started watching it. Jaclyn Smith is beautiful and belongs on the screen, whether it's tv movies or hosting this show.

    I think this show is a lot of fun, there are so many reality shows out there, so is there any surprise that they made one about hair? No, you have to take it for what it is, just another reality show to add with the hundreds out there. Jaclyn Smith hosting the show is a great addition to everything she has done so far, i thought it was very clever to have her host the show. I highly recommend watching this show especially if you're a reality show fan, it's great fun and the competitions are clever, i couldn't even think of what competitions they would come up with but they are doing a great job so far. I also find all the contestants are people you actually care about which makes the show a lot better. I think this is definitly one of the better reality shows out there, try to catch it!
  • good stuff

    To whom it may concern…… WONDERFUL SHOW!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! I am almost a year out of school and frustrated watching my peers do things perfect, I am a 22 year old male Cosmetologist and I love it but, you have no idea what a relief it is to see that others in this field aren’t perfect, that every one makes mistakes, as… I do haha. I think you would have a bigger response if you would show them cutting and coloring hair all the way through and have someone explain it somehow. you could do like a “ohhhh you could be kicked off but if you do this to redeem yourself” we’ll... your call. It would let people see the magic, how many times have you wondered what the stylist did behind you? I know that sounds strange, but I get a lot of questions in the salon and sometimes explaining the same thing over again gets old, or you have the lady’s that know every thing. So maybe this would cut down on so many questions and make our jobs less stressful. I have seen all the shows so far and recorded them haha, I don’t care I love the ideas and the shear genius of the idea. Now I can stop dating other hair stylists to get informed and watch the show. Oh yeah, on one episode you were very adamant to say going back to the basics, Well ever herd of figure waves hahaha I wouldn’t wish that one any one, I wouldn’t! Well I thought since these people are in a contest it would be a horrible challenge.
  • What a waste of money! The person who had the brain spasm to think that making people look like horses on display at a dressage was interesting has no clue.

    I am still in utter disbelief that this got on television. I guess Jacqueline Smith has a lot of clout, not any good ideas but a lot of clout.
    The first challenge there were so many cuts that were similar but all looked fine, and the winner, OK, not my preference. But then they went to the elimination.
    The models must have gotten a lot of money to look that silly. And the winner is the one with the box on her head. Stretching the envelope, taking a chance, no just plain stupid.
    And the judges thought was was the best, I do not want you anywhere near my hair, or anyone I know. What is going to be next, livestock nesting in their hair, or adding purple extensions with fiber optic lights in them. This is probably the worst thing I have watched in many years, maybe of all time.
    Also the scale is only from 1 to 10, you cannot leave a score less than 1. In my opinion, this is a negative 3.
  • Because they shouldn't have!!

    I was expecting to watch a show of competing stylists do hair like what a typical person what go get in a salon or something of that nature. I don't get this challenges or exactly what they prove as far as the stylists ability except for the challenge concerning them cutting the mannequins hair. But putting feathers and god only knows what else in a person's hair is like that very, very high fashion you see in magazines and you wonder "who in their right mind would wear that". I think the judges and some of the stylists are very knowledgeable at what they do but the show they created just simply doesn't cross enough barriers or translate correctly to the audience in order for me to really get the point of these challenges. I have no idea whose going to win because in my eyes, just about all of them were bad. This is the fourth premiere I've watched so far and my second bad rating. Thumbs up for Inferno III and Work Out and 1 thumb down for Notes From the Underbelly, and 2 thumbs down for Shear Genius. Will not be on my favorites.