Shear Genius

Wednesday 10:00 PM on Bravo Premiered Apr 11, 2007 In Season


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  • What did they do to Shear Genius?!

    Where do I begin to describe how bad this season of Shear Genius is?! The new host, Carla, is terrible! She has no personality, no warmth, no charm and she's not expressive. She's no Jaclyn Smith that's for sure! One of the stylists commented about Carla's accent, she doesn't have an accent, she has a speech impediment. Her voice is very distracting. As for Jonathan – he doesn't give constructive criticism, he just criticizes to show that he can and there's nothing the stylists can do about it. He was so obnoxious on his show that viewers stopped watching – what possessed the producers to use him on this show? Kim Vo is his usual gay overly-smiling self. He was annoying on the previous seasons and he's annoying on this season. I guess one thing about SG didn't change. I won't be watching anymore. I wonder how long before Bravo pulls the plug on Shear Genius…