Shear Genius

Wednesday 10:00 PM on Bravo Premiered Apr 11, 2007 In Season


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  • Was this a "hair" show, or an art show? Seriously, how many people will not watch this show next season? I for one will not.............

    I must say that I did not enjoy the season and only watched it to the end to see who would finally take it all. Camila Alves is a boring host whose accent may be cute to some, but irritating to most. I was shocked that Brig was declared the winner!!!! She should have been eliminated when she made that three tiered pom-pom mess, but instead she comes back at the end with an entire collection of "do's" that had nothing to do with creating styles from the hair on the clients she was given. Instead, just stick everyones head in a bun (and not all neatly done) and slap on some plastic coated extensions and call it good. I understand the concept of having hairstyles be edgy and different, but what she did, in no way, showcased any real "styling" talent. I think the judges should have gone back and reviewed ALL the work done over the entire season and then come to a conclusion as to who the real "winner" was!!!!!! It wouldn't have been Brig. I will not watch this show when/if a next season comes up.