Sheena, Queen of the Jungle

(ended 1956)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Jungle Pursuit
      Jungle Pursuit
      Episode 25
      Two corrupt men chase after a young native boy. Sheena and Bob feel it is their place to help the young native.
    • Touch Of Death
      Touch Of Death
      Episode 24
      A deceitful trader had been dealing with contraband ivory. Sheena is about to expose his deeds to the natives. The trader decides that he can stop Sheena by convincing the tribe that Bob has the touch of death. How is Sheena going to save Bob and expose this fraudulent trader?
    • The Test
      The Test
      Episode 23
      Sheena has a chimpanzee companion that is stolen by an animal poacher. This episode deals with how Sheena and Bob resolve this situation.
    • Secret Of The Temple
      A wealthy man comes to the jungle to fulfill a dream of finding eternal youth. His actions brings disaster’s results to the jungle.
    • Sacred River
      Sacred River
      Episode 21
      The Gobi tribe need to use the Japella tribe’s sacred river to reach a location to call their hemp. After Sheena and Bob convince the Japella tribe to allow the use of their sacred river, Sheena and friends are captured and almost sacrificed to the river! Bob and Sheena need to use their wits to get of this mess.moreless
    • The Rival Queen
      The Rival Queen
      Episode 20
      Sheena and Bob have put three criminals from a rival tribe into prison several years ago. The three have vowed revenge on Sheena and Bob. They manage to escape from the district prison. The capture Sheena and in the process Bob gets hit with a trunk. In addition, the situation starts a tribal war with a tribal queen who is a rival to Sheena.moreless
    • The Renegades
      The Renegades
      Episode 19
      Bob goes to Sheena for help. Someone has stolen diamonds. Bob and Sheena are concerned that greed has lead the natives to buying guns and murdering to get possession of more diamonds. How can they bring the jungle back to peace?
    • Perilous Journey
      Perilous Journey
      Episode 18
      The Mau Mau tribe have kidnapped a young man’s wife and son. A man is forced to become a spy for for the tribe or they will kill his family.
    • Mark Of The Giant
      Mark Of The Giant
      Episode 17
      Mike Quincannon’s eyesight is failing. He does not want anyone to know because it would mean losing his hunter’s license and his ability to lead hunting parties. How can Sheena and Bob try to help Big Mike?
    • The Magic Bag
      The Magic Bag
      Episode 16
      Sheena and Bob are deep in the jungle at Nagomba country filming a seldom seen tribe of Baboon men. They met a doctor who is looking for a Boca drug used by the natives to revive the dead. They encounter a native boy who attempts to steal their camera.
    • The Leopard Men
      The Leopard Men
      Episode 15
      A young prospector, Carver, has brought a group of men to the jungle to mine uranium. One of his men is clawed to death apparently by a leopard. Sheena soon realizes the case is more complicated then it appears. Sheena needs to unravel the mystery.
    • The Lash
      The Lash
      Episode 14
      Bud Kendall comes to town and kills a trader, Frank Trent. He then impersonates Frank. He later meets Sheena. She soon realizes what type of person Bud really is. Sheena decides to show him that his behaviors will not be tolerated in this village.
    • Land Of The Rogues
      Land Of The Rogues
      Episode 13
      Bob goes to Sheena with an usual problem. There is a dangerous man on the loose in the jungle. The problem is that Bob and Sheena thought that he died last time they met up with him. They were sure he as killed by the alligator infected river.
    • Jungle Manhunt
      Jungle Manhunt
      Episode 12
      Sheena discovers a teenage girl hiding in the jungle. Upon investigating further, Sheena discovers that the girl's father was killed during a recent robbery. How can Sheena resolve this situation? What is to become of the girl?
    • Hot Treasure
      Hot Treasure
      Episode 11
      The chief of the local village asked for Sheena's help. There has been a murder of one of his natives. This is so rare in their society. Sheena has further concerns. There has been a theft of radium. Could the two be related? Could the murder have been an outsider?
    • The Ganyikakid
      The Ganyikakid
      Episode 10
      A boxing promoter has come to the jungle in search of a fighter for his New York boxing match. He double crosses the Chief of the village. Sheena saves the promoter's life as the Chief is seeking revenge. It is up to Bob and Sheena to restore piece in the village and bring a chief back to his people.moreless
    • Forbidden Land
      Forbidden Land
      Episode 9
      A film maker has decided to bring his crew to a remote African village. The tribe has never been seen by outsiders. Sheena is called into investigate when one of the crew is found murder. Are the natives at fault?
    • Forbidden Cargo
      Forbidden Cargo
      Episode 8
      What does an outbreak of typhoid and gun runner have in common? Sheena and Bob need to find out before an epidemic starts.
    • Fair Stranger
      Fair Stranger
      Episode 7
      Sheena is visiting an old friend who owns a plantation. During Sheena visit the friend’s son disappears during an outing with his aunt. Sheena investigation leads her to a stranger who at first appears well meaning but she soon realizes he is evil.
    • Eyes of the Idol
      Eyes of the Idol
      Episode 6
      Why is the Nokobo tribe stealing from the local store? Sheena and Bob start to investigate after getting a complaint from the trading post owner. They discover an unusual form of voodoo that Sheena has never seen before. The ritual centers around a beetle-like idol with shining eyes.
    • The Elephant God
      The Elephant God
      Episode 5
      A woman and her uncle arrive in Africa. They are in search of a tribe of natives that took care of her after her parents died in a plane crash. Sheena and Bob decided to help the woman figure out her true identity. The truth could mean a sizable family inheritance.moreless
    • Devil's Mountain
      Devil's Mountain
      Episode 4
      When a group of thieves steal a sacred relic, it enslaves the village. According to the natives, the relic possesses great power. The natives believe that they must follow the orders of whoever is in possession of the relic or a horrible fate will come from their disobedience. The crooks are forcing the natives to mine rubies that a located in a live volcano.moreless
    • Curse of the Voodoo
      When a photographer tries to take pictures of a voodoo ritual, Sheena, Bob, and the photographer are captured. To win their freedom, Sheena must convince the witch doctor her magic is more power than voodoo.
    • Cry Wolf
      Cry Wolf
      Episode 2
      Roani is an imaginative little native girl. She has a reputation for invention stories. Her most recent story is that Father Mendora is about to be killed. Sheena manages to sort through to the truth and outwit a thug is about to perform the murder.
    • Crash In The Jungle
      This opening episode introduces Sheena, Queen of the jungle. She hears a plane crash. The story that follows is the foundation for the series.
  • Specials
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