Sheep in the Big City

Cartoon Network (ended 2002)


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Sheep in the Big City

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Welcome to the Sheep in the Big City guide at

Sheep in the Big City is Cartoon Network's ninth original animated series. The show is a c livestock-out-of-water story about a sheep named Sheep who runs away from the farm and hides out in the big city to escape the Top Secret Military Organization on his tail. Sheep faces problems like finding a nice apartment, balancing work and social life, and avoiding a rich socialite who pummels him with a stainless-steel wig.


SHEEP- Just your average sheep trying to make an honest living in The Big City while avoiding being captured by the secret military organization for a sheep powered ray gun. And finding ways to see his beloved Swanky the poodle while avoiding the steel pounding of Lady Richington's Steel wig.

General Specific- The leader of the Secret Military Organization. He is your average General assigned to capturing sheep to power the sheep powered ray gun. Although he is usually outsmarted by sheep he never gets discouraged.

Private Public- Private Public is the right hand man at the SMO. Even though he is lightyears smarter then General Specific he is happy to take the orders rather than give them.

Angry Scientist- The Brains behind the SMO but is usually to busy correcting General Specific for calling him a Mad Scientist to be of much help and what he lacks in patience he makes up for in the hump on his back.

Narator- The unseen narrator...well sorta. He is the introducer and is usually upset at the writing of the episode but has an over appreciation for the beloved sheep.

Joey Mazzarino

Joey Mazzarino

Additional Voices

Stephanie D'Abruzzo

Stephanie D'Abruzzo

the voice of Lady Richington / Swanky / Lisa Rental / the Plot Device

Mo Willems

Mo Willems

the voice of the Angry Scientist

Kevin Seal

Kevin Seal

the voice of Sheep / General Specific / the Ranting Swede

Ken Schatz

Ken Schatz

the voice of Ben Plotz (the Narrator) / Great Scott / Oxymoron Spokesman

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