Sheep in the Big City

Cartoon Network (ended 2002)


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Sheep in the Big City

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Welcome to the Sheep in the Big City guide at

Sheep in the Big City is Cartoon Network's ninth original animated series. The show is a c livestock-out-of-water story about a sheep named Sheep who runs away from the farm and hides out in the big city to escape the Top Secret Military Organization on his tail. Sheep faces problems like finding a nice apartment, balancing work and social life, and avoiding a rich socialite who pummels him with a stainless-steel wig.


SHEEP- Just your average sheep trying to make an honest living in The Big City while avoiding being captured by the secret military organization for a sheep powered ray gun. And finding ways to see his beloved Swanky the poodle while avoiding the steel pounding of Lady Richington's Steel wig.

General Specific- The leader of the Secret Military Organization. He is your average General assigned to capturing sheep to power the sheep powered ray gun. Although he is usually outsmarted by sheep he never gets discouraged.

Private Public- Private Public is the right hand man at the SMO. Even though he is lightyears smarter then General Specific he is happy to take the orders rather than give them.

Angry Scientist- The Brains behind the SMO but is usually to busy correcting General Specific for calling him a Mad Scientist to be of much help and what he lacks in patience he makes up for in the hump on his back.

Narator- The unseen narrator...well sorta. He is the introducer and is usually upset at the writing of the episode but has an over appreciation for the beloved sheep.

Joey Mazzarino

Joey Mazzarino

Additional Voices

Stephanie D'Abruzzo

Stephanie D'Abruzzo

the voice of Lady Richington / Swanky / Lisa Rental / the Plot Device

Kevin Seal

Kevin Seal

the voice of Sheep / General Specific / the Ranting Swede

Mo Willems

Mo Willems

the voice of the Angry Scientist

James Edmund Godwin

James Edmund Godwin

the voice of Farmer John / Private Public

Ken Schatz

Ken Schatz

the voice of Ben Plotz (the Narrator) / Great Scott / Oxymoron Spokesman

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  • is garbage!!

    this show was the begin of the mediocre show for cartoon network, boring plot and boring characters.
  • Why on earth did this thing end?

    Seriously! This show didn't even get past the second season. Apparently it was going to get a third season but for some reason the execs at CN didn't want that, and decided to cancel it! Why do you do this, execs? You always cancel you're good shows after one or two seasons.

    In fact, this show almost didn't get a second season. According to wikipedia, the first season grinded to a halt in December 2000 when the first seven episodes aired. After two more episodes, the show was cancelled midway through it's first season in March 2001, then got a brief revival in July 2001 to air the last four episodes, but got cancelled again in August 2001.

    But in September 2001, they decided to renew it for another season. Apparently, the second season went on hiatus after four episodes in December 2001, only to briefly air the last few episodes in April 2002. In May 2002, the show got renewed for a third season, but in June 2002, the idea got dropped.

    Why do you cancel these great shows, Cartoon Network? You had NO reason to deny the idea of this show getting a third season. That was a fantastic idea, I would've been very happy if this show got a third season. Sure, the first season wasn't as good as the second but that doesn't mean you have to cancel it, because Season 2 was fantastic! If only this show could be brought back.moreless
  • U WOT M8

    Are you kidding me? This show is awesome! Forget the haters! They just hate the show because they're big stinky doo doo heads!
  • Funny, Imaginative, Intresting Plots. WHY WAS IT CANCELED?

    This was one of the funniest cartoons i've ever seen. The Oxymoron commercials were hilarious. Nowadays, Cartoon Network's shows a severe decline in quality (espically, that Uncle Grandpa). Sheep in the Big City had a lot of imagination (like the concept of Clearance Day), Also had a good sense of humor, such as the idea of "Smart Bombs" as bombs that go to the library. Cartoon Network should really reboot this show or at least air reruns of it.

  • I nearly forgot that this show existed

    A unique and original plot, hilarious jokes, good like-able characters. It's unfortunate how obscure this show is now.
  • 10:00 pm

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