Sheep in the Big City

Season 2 Episode 13

Baa-hind the Scenes

Aired Unknown Apr 07, 2002 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Dimwit Matire'd: You want to eat under a sheep?

    • General Specific: You know what the problem is don't you? It's those writers. They never let me capture Sheep. The buffoons.
      Buffon: (typing on typewriter) Writey writey writey... I writey the scriptey....

    • Lady Richington: How was my performance, Mr. Director?
      Mo: It was fine, Lady Richington. Just... (she whacks him with her steel wig) OW! It was great. A-1. First rate.

    • Mo: Nice ranting, swede!

      Swede: Well I just call em like I see them.

  • Notes

    • Chapters:

      1. "Baa-hind The Scenes"
      2. "There's no Bleat-ness like Show Bleat-ness!"
      3. "Hey! Put a Flock in it, Bub!"

      (Though no chapter titles are visually displayed in this episode, chapter 2 and 3 titles are spoken by the Narrator)

    • Episode Title Pun: Behind the Scenes

    • At one point in this show, while General Specific is testing
      out the Angry Scientist's newest invention, the General, the
      Angry Scientist, and Private Public, turn themselves into
      "Chalkzone," versions of themselves.

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