Sheep in the Big City

Season 1 Episode 4

Belle of the Baaah

Aired Unknown Dec 01, 2000 on Cartoon Network



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    • Sultan: Hey, Sheep! Have you seen a big diamond anywhere?
      (Sheep bleats)
      Sultan: What did he say?
      Tall Guard: He just bleated.
      Sultan: He said "Beat it"?
      Short Guard: No, he just bleated. I don't think it's a language, just bleating.
      Sultan: You are going to be bleating when I'm done with you if you don't find my diamond! I have no idea what that means.

    • (the Sultan's guards reach for the diamond to play catch)
      Sultan: Wait a second! Look, I like a good game of catch as much as the next sultan, but can't you use a softball, instead of my super valuable diamond?
      Tall Guard: But the diamond is so pretty.
      Sultan: That's why I'd hate for something to happen to it. Come on, use a softball.
      (pulls out a softball)
      Short Guard: But we really, really want to use the diamond! We'll be so careful. Please?
      Tall Guard: I'll be your best friend.
      Sultan: Okay, but no more than five minutes. I'm timing.

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