Sheep in the Big City

Season 2 Episode 11

Oh, the Ewemanity

Aired Unknown Mar 24, 2002 on Cartoon Network



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    • General Specific: I can't believe Sheep is too small for this net! Well I guess there's nothing else to do but have the angry scientist here make an enlarging ray so that Sheep will fit in the net.
      Private Public: We could try making a smaller net instead.
      General Specific: Poor Private Public, always with your head in the clouds.

    • Major Panic: Here's the plan we came up with, sir. We can all go like this: Aah!
      (Major Panic runs around the raft screaming)
      Major Panic: Help! It's a disaster! We're all gonna die! Help!
      (Major Panic starts crying)
      General Specific: Thank you, Major Panic, but no one's gonna die. Not on this network.

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