Sheep in the Big City

Cartoon Network (ended 2002)


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  • In my Robot Jones review, I stated that people will watch anything. I changed my mind. People will watch anything "bad".

    Maybyr I'm just bad luck. Every show I loved has been taken off the air. Samurai Jack, Invader Zim, the list goes on. One of the titles included in this ongoing list would be "sheep in the big city".

    One of the main things that made this show so good was that it never took itself too seriously. Each show was divided into chapters. Each chahapter had an obvious "sheep-pun" for a name, like "sheer danger" or something. Heck, half of the characters were named after oxymorons. General Specific and Private public, the "bad guys in the show" had intentionally exadurated voice ons, and were constantly trying to capture him to put in their "sheep powered ray gun". I dont know, I just cant seem to get across on paper how charming this show is.

    The art style is great. The humor if Great-er. Watch it. Now *aims sniper rifle at your forehead*