Sheep in the Big City

Cartoon Network (ended 2002)


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  • One of my favorite cartoons, filled with puns and hilarity galore.

    Sheep... what is there to say? Due to the fact that it hasn't been shown on TV since its cancellation, and there are no DVD's, I can't sit down and watch Sheep anymore. So, let me dish out some of the bigger points.

    The show is basically about a sheep who is on the run from the military because they need Sheep for their sheep-powered ray gun. To assisst them in catching Sheep is the Angry Scientist. (Don't call him a mad scientist, or he'll be... well, angrier.)

    The main idea for the show is pretty silly, and if you judge the show from that only, you might not be interested. However, alongside that, I get pleasures from some of the smaller things, including the "commercials" within the show, the various sketches (the Sombrero Brothers, the Ranting Swede, etc.), and the puns that are pretty much anywhere, (General Specific, Private Public, and nearly every episode title). It's not some mindless cartoon that's ready to rot your brain. Whenever you need it, you can find a play on words, or a hilarious twist on something normal. If you haven't seen this show yet, I'd highly recommend going to Mo Willem's website to watch some clips, or sending a letter to Cartoon Network to either put it on CN or Boomerang, or at least release DVD's.