Sheep in the Big City - Season 2

Cartoon Network (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • Baa-hind the Scenes
    Baa-hind the Scenes
    Episode 13
    This occurs when the cast is done filming an episode and now Sheep and his manager have a lunch meeting with the head of the network. General Specific doesn't like that, so he decides to ruin the meeting so Sheep won't get another show. In the end because of him (and the Angry Scientists new invention), Sheep is turned pink with big eyes and is now perfect for another show!moreless
  • Here Goes Mutton
    Here Goes Mutton
    Episode 12
    Farmer John becomes a football player, while Sheep gets amnesia from a hit on the head.
  • Oh, the Ewemanity
    Oh, the Ewemanity
    Episode 11
    General Specific can't capture Sheep because he is too small for his net, so he blows him up using an enlarging ray.
  • An Officer and a Gentlelamb
    Sheep can't hold a steady job because the Top Secret Military Organization is always pursuing him. At the top Secret Military Base, Gen. Specific fires all of his staff (except for Private Public and the Angry Scientist) and decides to hire new ones. Sheep without a job applies for it. Gen. Specific doesn't know that it was Sheep, hires him. The Angry Scientist discovers the new recruit is really Sheep and proceeds to tell Gen. Specific. Gen. Specific tells Sheep that he should capture Sheep to prove he isn't really Sheep. Sheep fooled them by bringing a Gorilla in a sheep costume.moreless
  • Beauty and the Bleats
    Sheep is turned into a half human half sheep by a Genie.
  • The Wool Is Not Enough
    Tired of the Angry Scientist's failures, General Specific hires Doctor Oh No No No to help him capture Sheep. However, the Doctor has own his agenda.
  • Daddy Shearest
    Daddy Shearest
    Episode 7
    After failing again to capture Sheep, Private Public gets a visit from his dad, General Public.
  • The Wool of the People
    General Specific can't capture Sheep because of the new law put up by the mayor of the Big City. Luckily for him the current mayor's term has ended and he decided to run for mayor with the help of the Lady Richington. Seeing there that Sheep's in trouble if Gen. Specific wins, Farmer John persuades Sheep to also run for mayor. In the end neither of them wins and the new mayor proclaims amnesty for Sheep for the day.moreless
  • Party of the Shear
    Party of the Shear
    Episode 5
    To escape the clutches of the secret military organization Sheep goes into a dance club which general specific is not cool enough for. He is befriended by General Lee Outragious but when he wants to leave he is stopped by the over energetic friend and relizes this is why he watches movies every night.moreless
  • My, How Ewe Have Changed
    Sheep is invited back to Farmer John's farm for a reunion. He finds that a lot of things have changed since he first left. As sheep meets up with his old friends General Specific is next door having a party and then decides to cut it short and capture sheep.
  • Flock, Up in the Sky
    X agent returns and swears to protect Sheep from General Specific.
  • Baah-dern Times
    Baah-dern Times
    Episode 2
    With the entire cast of "Sheep in the Big City" sick with the flu, the narrator (who's also sick but still has to work) decides that for this episode of "Sheep in the Big City" that the audience shall instead, watch an old black-&-white silent movie featuring the ancestor's of Sheep and General Specific.moreless
  • Wish You Were Shear
    Sheep gets adopted by Lisa Rental.