Sheep in the Big City

Season 1 Episode 3

To Bleat or Not To Bleat

Aired Unknown Nov 24, 2000 on Cartoon Network



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    • Lisa Rental: Don't underestimate my power.
      General Specific: Okay, but you better not overestimate my underestimation of your power.
      Lisa Rental: Fine. As long as your estimation of my underestimation of - uh, where'd he go?
      (both Lisa Rental and General Specific see that Sheep has escaped)
      General Specific: Drat.

    • (the Angry Scientist is being bound and gagged in the background)
      General Specific: That mad scientist would be more helpful if he wasn't bound and gagged like that.
      Private Public: We could unbind him, sir.
      General Specific: Good idea, but let's unbind him first.

    • Lisa Rental: (to Sheep) I saved you. Now I owe you.

    • Angry Scientist: What is it with you? Are you in the getting of the craziness thing?
      General Specific: Now is not the time to discuss this, Mad Scientist.
      Angry Scientist: First of all, I am not mad! I am angry! I am an angry scientist! That is what it is saying on my card of businesses!

    • General Specific: I've gotcha now, Sheepy, and you'll never get away! You hear me, never! It would take a miracle for you to get away now! In fact, I would put the odds at, oh, four thousand to one, no, higher than that, I - hey! (he now realizes that Sheep is gone)

    • Ben Plotz: Suddenly, General Specific skids to a halt.
      General Specific: What? Oh, yes. (he skids to a halt) Great Scot!
      Great Scot: Yes?
      General Specific: Do I see what I think I see?
      Great Scot: Yes!
      General Specific: Thank you Great Scot, that will be all.

    • Lisa Rental: Look! (she picks up Sheep and hugs him) A doggy woggy poggy noggy soggy floggy moggy shroggy loggy doggy!

    • Private Public: The men are very excited about taking a day off from sheep-capturing to play this softball game, sir.
      General Specific: I'm happy to allow it, Private Public. Of course, seeing how we're members of a secret military organization, security was a priority. But I ensured that no one would know about today's game.
      Private Public: Except the opposing team.
      General Specific: Uh... There might be a slight change of plans, Private Public.

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  • Allusions

    • When Sheep is trying to sleep in Lisa Rental's yard, he attempts to rest on a doghouse that resembles Snoopy's doghouse from Charlie Brown.