Shelley Duvall's Bedtime Stories

Season 1 Episode 7

My New Neighbors

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Unknown on Showtime

Episode Recap

A boy moves into a new house and is frightened of the neighbors who live on top of the hill behind his house. He is especially creeped out when a scaly hand drops a letter through the mail slot, telling him to stay up late. He shrugs it off and decides to try to fall asleep, but is awoken when the first of the new neighbors arrives. It's Frankenstien and he's brought a pet Franken-Snake as a gift. The boy thanks him and he leaves. Each member of the neighboring familt drops by after that. First a witch, who gives him a witch's broom kit, then a small werewolf boy who presents to the boy a werewolf fish. Followed by Dracula, who brings the boy a small vampire bat as a gift as well. The boy goes back to sleep and is surprised by the final member of the family on the hill. A ghostly woman with a severed head. She leaves behind a ghost cat, for the boy. He is so overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude that he runs up the hill to thank his new friends. "I'm sure it's very plain to see; No one has neighbors quite like me," he decides.