Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre

Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 1983 on Showtime



  • Quotes

    • (The Witch has her imps wall up the door to the Tower, sealing Rapunzel inside for her "Own Good")
      Rapunzel:: Let me out right now!
      Witch:: You'll be safe up there, Rapunzel! No man will be able to touch you!
      Rapunzel:: But I don't want a man, I want to be free!
      Witch:: (smiles patronizing) Oh, Sweetie, you're still young, you don't fully understand the world.
      Rapunzel:: How will I ever learn about the world, if you keep me locked up in this Tower!?
      Witch:: (gesturing to herself) I will teach you! I will teach you everything, you will ever need to know! (Casually as if it's no big deal) After all I have been around, a very, long time. Hundreds of years before, you were, ever, even born. And I learned one thing in all those years, Rapunzel.
      (Looking at the Imps, she places her hand to the side of her face, and stage whispers to Rapunzel)
      Witch:: You can't trust men! (shakes head) They'll lie to you, they'll steal what's most precious to you...
      (Rapunzel looks confused, imitates her mother's gesture and tone of voice)
      Rapunzel:: But I don't even know any men.
      Witch:: Exactly! And that's just how we're gonna keep it.