Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre

Showtime (ended 1987)



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  • The quality of the show varies according to the episodes. Some are fairly good while others are weak.

    This isn't really one show but a collection of short movies. Each one uses different actors in different settings to recreate various fairy tales.

    The quality of each varies according to the episode. Some, such as Beauty and the Beast, are well acted and could appeal to an adult viewer. Others, such as The Three Little Pigs, are unwatchable attempts passed off by half-talented Hollywood names who are more interested in getting the credit than actually producing something worthwhile. Many times it's because they fall into their own prejudice of what a fairy tale is. Special effects are limited, and the episodes come across as glorified stage plays. Anyone comparing this to Twighlight of the Ice Nymphs or any of the Golan Globus movies would be disappointed.

    I would not recommend buying the whole series but rather catching them as aired on TV by recording them then watching each on a select basis. I don't want it to seem that I'm trashing the series, just pointing out that the quality varies with who is performing it and who created it.
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