Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre - Season 3

Showtime (ended 1987)




Episode Guide

  • The Boy Who Left Home to Find Out About the Shivers
    Overcoming fear is a problem for most people, but there once was a boy whose problem was his complete lack of fear! Peter Macnicol stars as that boy in this amusing production narrated by Vincent Price. The king played by Christopher Lee promises the boy treasure and a beautiful princess if he can defeat an evil sorcerer who has haunted the kings castle. The boy meets an ominous mute hunchback, a headless man and ghosts galore and finally the sorcerer himself (in a duel to the death fight). Yet, he still has no fear, until the surprise conclusion.moreless
  • Beauty and the Beast
    "Love can make a man become a beast and love can also make an ugly man beautiful." This is the moving message Susan Sarandon and Klaus Kinski deliver in their memorable performances of Beauty and the Beast. Beast takes Beauty into a mysterious world of misty gardens and candlelit chambers, in this world the shy unselfish beauty comes to know the grotesque beast. The suspense builds as Beauty discovers that ugliness can mask great goodness, and that promises should always be kept ... no matter what the cost.moreless
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    In her effort to be "fairest in the land," a jealous and evil queen attempts to be rid of her beautiful stepdaughter, Snow White, who takes refuge in the forest cottage of the seven dwarfs. The queen, disguised by magic as an old peddler woman, tempts Snow White with a poisoned apple, which puts her into an enchanted sleep until a handsome prince and the seven dwarfs wake her.moreless
  • Thumbelina
    Episode 4
    Carrie Fisher and William Katt are Thumb-Sized Lovers...Video magic transforms Carrie Fisher into the diminutive heroine of THUMBELINA, a girl so tiny she slept in a matchbox, so kind even fieldmice loved her, so beautiful she married a Prince. Raised by a kindhearted charwoman, Thumbelina is kidnapped and almost forced to marry first a Toad, then a crotchety Mole, played by Burgess Meredith. She manages, however, to escape to a beautiful garden kingdom where she meets a handsome equally tiny Prince, William Katt. This tale teaches us that everyone, no matter how unique, can find someone to love. Featuring production design based on the work of 19th century illustrator George Cruikshank. THUMBELINA is a marvelous fantasy that will enchant big and small alike.moreless
  • Pinocchio
    Episode 3
    A magical blue fairy brings a marionette named Pinocchio to life in order to grant a woodcutter's wish. Now Pinocchio must prove himself kind and loving in order to become a real, live boy. But if he is bad, which sometimes he is, his nose will grow and only until he realizes his mistake will it shrink back to a valid size.moreless
  • The Princess and the Pea
    Prince Richard is looking for something to complete his life. The royal fool (jester) helps him decide that he needs a wife, with a demanding mother and a dumbfounded father, that's all he needs in his life, until Alecia comes along. She is kind and gentle, and persists that she's a princess. Richard has had it with the demands of his mother and hates all of the princess presented to him, so he decides to marry Alicia. The mother however, is not so sure Alicia, so she puts her to a test to see if she is a real princess which has HILARIOUS consequenses! Liza Minelli is classicly funny as Alecia. "The Princess and the Pea" is great family fun!moreless
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears
    It's probably the most famous story of trespassing in fiction. In this version, it's unquestionably the most entertaining. Tatum O'Neal stars as the mischievous but loveable heroine in this story of a child who invades the lives of three bears.