Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre

Season 4 Episode 7

The Emperor's New Clothes

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 1985 on Showtime

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  • Two con men take a vain emperor for all his cash; their scam is they are tailors and their cloth is verrrry unique.

    I love watching this episode, bought a copy on tape!, because it shows the gentle yet sharp way the stories were told this time out.

    Art Carney and Alan Arkin- two funny guys separately- all but do shtick as Morty and Bo, respectively. Morty's tired of the business and wants to settle on a duck farm. Bo, still full of ideas, thinks that's too premature. Morty has an ulcer, which is an unexpected bit.

    Dick Shawn, as the vainglorious Emperor, shows how underrated and underused the man has been. He's a hoot as the self-loving ruler who's into fashion. Seeing the Emperor strut in front of his mirrors or his people is funny; watch his face as well as the goofy poses.

    Georgia Brown, as the salt-of-the-earth tavern owner Maggie, while not coasting isn't being asked to do anything special. Still, she makes peasant clothes look good.

    This was my introduction to Taylor Negron. The Soldier, or truly an Army of One!, was fun in that he obviously was proud of being what he was, but he seemed very relieved at finding Bo when he did. I felt badly for him at that point.

    I did like that Morty did what he did, and sorta hoped for a romance between Morty and Maggie, but there wasn't time. I guess that's what fanfiction's for!

    Clive Revill and Barrie Ingham were delightful as the Prime Minister and the finance Minister, respectively. Mr. Ingham's reactions to every new bit of spending was priceless. I really enjoyed the venerable Mr. Revill's reaction,as Prime Minister, to Bo and Morty's cloth.

    The script makes it's points in broad, obvious strokes, but they aren't so eye-rollingly bad to where you'd mind. In fact, it's a very smart and funny script. The fifty-four minutes actually fly by and you are left a little sad your trip with Bo and Morty's over.

    I highly recommend this episode!