Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre

Season 6 Episode 2

The Little Mermaid

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 06, 1987 on Showtime
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The Little Mermaid
Pam Dawber makes a deal with a sea witch after rescuing a human from drowning . She wants to become human -- the witch agrees to give her legs , but the prince must fall in love with her or she is doomed to be seafoam forever on the sea. The Witcha lso takes away her voice and warns her with every step she atkes will feel like she is walking on knives. Even with all odds against her This Little Mermaid must follow her heart no matter where it may lead.moreless

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      • Pearl: *about prince* Will I be able to win his heart?
        Sea Witch: You'd better! Because if he marries somebody else, Your Sunk.
        Pearl: How long do I have?
        Sea Witch: As Long as You Want! Provided he doesn't marry another woman in which case: The morning after his Wedding Night. *Points at pearl* Your Time Is UP!
        Pearl: *softly* What happens Then?
        Sea Witch: As the sun rises on the Happy Couple. You lose your human form and turn into Sea foam! POOF!! Just like Thaaaat!
        *Says 'That' in a sing song voice, before looking at Pearl glumly* I told you it was a toughy.

      • (Pearls sister's appear to her, their hair cut short.)
        Anemone: Pearl, listen to us.
        Coral: We went to see the Sea Witch.
        Anemone: She made us give her our hair.
        Coral: In return for this knife.
        (Flings up to Pearl a knife, with a gold fish as a handle)
        Coral: You may still come back to us!
        Anemone: All you need do is...(looks at coral worried) Kill the Prince.
        Sea Witch: (in vision) Pierce him to the heart, and when his hearts blood falls onto your human legs. They will change back into a tail.
        Anemone:....and then you may come back to us, and your under sea home.
        Coral: Come back to us, Pearl.
        Anemone: (pleading) Pearl, come back.

      • Sea Witch: (to Little Mermaid) So, I suppose you want me to show you something in a nice...pair of legs?
        Pearl: Legs, what am I gonna do with legs?
        Sea Witch: (chuckles) Well he's never gonna fall in love with you, if from the waist down you look like the sea food special.

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