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Two children, a boy and a girl, raced on a studio sized game board. Players moved along the game board according the number dictated by a flashing display. The display was stopped by another child whenever the host cried, "Ready. Presser Press!" One child was the sole presser in the first season; two children shared the duties in the second season. The object was to be the first to arrive at the Finish by exact count. Both children received prizes but the winner was award more prizes. Along the way, the children would participate in stunts and contests to win Shenaniganzas, the show's currency. In the first season, Shenaniganzas could be traded for prizes. In the second season, Shenaniganzas were exchanged for Top Value trading stamps. These exchanges were made off-camera. Shenanigans was sponsored by Milton Bradley. Several of the game publisher's games were featured during the broadcast. "Where's Willie?", "Operation", and "Time Bomb" were worked into the gameplay in the second season. Milton Bradley published a home version of Shenanigans which was prominently displayed during the show's closing credits. The home game continued to be in its catalog a decade after the series was cancelled. Broadway veteran Stubby Kaye was host. Kenny Williams, dressed as Kenny the Cop, was announcer and co-host.moreless