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Sheriff Hoot Kloot Cartoons

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Sheriff Hoot Kloot Cartoons is a riotous cartoon series featuring the adventures and exploits of the titular Sheriff Hoot Kloot (Bob Holt). Accompanied by his trusty horse Confederate (also voiced by Bob Holt), the sheriff sets out to run the bad guys out of his formerly idyllic western town. This series is aimed at an audience demographic of children ages 2-8, and features original music by Doug Goodwin. In each episode, Sheriff Hoot Kloot deals with various threats to his peaceful little burg, including marauding Apaches, cattle rustlers, rowdy gold prospectors, and drunkards at the tavern. There are no large, season-long plot arcs; each episode is entirely independent of the others, so viewers can easily pick up viewing the cartoons at any point. Sheriff Hoot Kloot Cartoons provides funny, exciting entertainment for cartoons fans of all ages. This series has become particularly popular with fans of vintage cartoons from the 1970's.

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Animation, Comedy