Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century

FOX (ended 2001)


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  • Season 2
    • EPISODE #117 - “THE ADVENTURE OF THE ENGINEER’S THUMB” (KEN PONTAC) INSPIRED BY SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE Victor Fatherly is a bio-engineer whose work on a new blood regenerator could revolutionize organ transplant work – if his competitor Michael Wooten doesn’t beat him to it. Now, someone has stolen both men’s inventions. But how? The safe housing Victor’s invention is protected by a biometric security system; only Victor’s thumbprint and DNA signature can open it. Similarly, Michael’s system uses his eye’s unique retinal scan as the key. Holmes investigates and discovers that someone has lured Victor’s girlfriend to betray both men, obtaining DNA from them so that the perpetrator could gruesomely engineer a cloned thumb and eye to break in! With the blood regenerator, the mastermind can now make a monstrous number of cloned organs. Holmes and his cohorts must find and put the Frankenstein-like warehouse out of business and foil the plot. Educational Message: Breaking a large problem into smaller, more manageable components often helps; solve each in turn.moreless
    • 7/21/01
      To prevent Inspector Lestrade's dangerous antics and police chases, Grayson has assigned her a new partner "fresh out of the academy." As the Scotland Yard's security becomes compromised, the rookie keeps bumbling, making mistakes and getting in everyone's way. Is he really what he seems to be?
    • The Beryl Board, a new computer processor, has been stolen from the home of Mr. Holder. Holder accuses his son, Arthur of stealing the board, which was found in his possession with apiece broken off. It is up to Holmes, Watson, and the Baker Street Irregulars to clear Arthur, and to expose the one he has been hiding.moreless
    • Inspector Lestrade learns Alice Murphy is engaged to their old teacher, Prof. Jacob Presbury. The professor is moody and forgetful. His daughter is jealous. Family friend Trevor is over-protective. Meanwhile Holmes investigates three monkeys stolen from the Primate Shelter, stolen as it turns out by Trevor who wants Alice for himself and so turned Presbury into an apeman.moreless
    • During a car chase, their quarry vanishes. Then our heroes get a call that a wealthy man's car (The Napoleon) was broken into and vandalized. Not stolen, and precious gems are ruined nearby.
    • The Gloria Scott
      Episode 4
      Holmes' friend Victor's father is apparently being blackmailed. Ever since the appearance of Hudson, a new hiree, he has seemed edgy, and mysterious notes have been found. But how far back will this case take our heroes? Holmes' must unravel events from before Victor's birth in order to solve this case, including why Mr. Trevor is using an alias.moreless
    • The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumnb
    • The Secret Safe
      Episode 1
      Inspired by "His Last Bow" A robbery at 10 Downing Street threatens the very existence of England itself. A thief steals data plans of the ultimate security system out of a secret safe hidden in a high light fixture, replacing them with a copy. When he accidently sets off the alarm, he steals an African doll to use as a decoy burglary.moreless
  • Season 1