Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century

Season 2 Episode 6

The Adventure of the Creeping Man

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM May 26, 2001 on FOX

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  • Inspector Lestrade does not trust Alice Murphy's husband-to-be and wants to investigate the moody and forgetful professor. As luck would have it, this case is connected with Holmes and Watson's investigation into stolen monkeys.

    This is not a bad episode by any means, but it does strain itself a bit too much in trying to fit all the pieces together, while also offering some character development and important clues. The Professor's daughter is rude because she wrongly believes that Alice is a gold digger. Trevor, who seems really nice, is madly in love with Alice and turned the Professor into a mutated Apeman in order the heart of Alice? Yeah, it's not the most the most logical motivation for a villain and the episode ends on a somewhat touching, but a bit creepy, note that Alice and the Professor marry, despite his Ape-like condition, and hope for a cure.