Season 1 Episode 1

A Study in Pink

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 25, 2010 on BBC



  • Quotes

    • Watson: People don't have arch-enemies.
      Sherlock: I'm sorry?
      Watson: In real life. There are no arch-enemies in real life. It doesn't happen.
      Sherlock: Doesn't it? Sounds a bit dull.
      Watson: So who did I meet?
      Sherlock: What do real people have, then, in their real lives?
      Watson: Friends. People they know, people they like, people they don't like. Girlfriends, boyfriends.
      Sherlock: Like I was saying, dull.
      Watson: You don't have a girlfriend?
      Sherlock: Girlfriend, no. Not really my area.
      Watson: Oh, right. Do you have a boyfriend? Which is fine, by the way.
      Sherlock: I know it's fine.
      Watson: So you've got a boyfriend?
      Sherlock: No.
      Watson: Right, okay. You're unattached. Like me. Fine. Good.
      Sherlock: John, I think you should know that I consider myself married to my work. And while I'm flattered by your interest...
      Watson: No.
      Sherlock: I'm really not looking for any...
      Watson: No. I'm not asking. No. I'm just saying, it's all fine.
      Sherlock: Good. Thank you.