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It looks like someone important heard your/my prayers that were totally polite and not at all threatening in their request for more Sherlock, because BBC One just released 30 new photos from the show's upcoming third season. I'm not saying it's a [insert your preferred holiday here] miracle, but it might be a [insert your preferred holiday here] miracle! 

There's plenty to look at and dissect in these photos—like, do you think Watson's mustache was just his way of dealing with his grief over Sherlock's apparent death? Because it looks like he shaved it once he discovered his BFF and former flatmate didn't actually die and has just been hiding out, playing the violin, and eating a lot of cronuts for a couple of years. Let's also chat for a moment about Mary Morstan (Amanda Abbington), Watson's new lady friend. Do you think she liked the mustache? Or do you think she's throwing parties to celebrate Watson's upper lip's newfound freedom? Either way, after studying these new images and watching the latest Season 3 teaser, I'm pretty certain Watson punches Sherlock at their first meeting. Whether or not it's because Sherlock has insulted the mustache remains to be seen.

What do you think of these new photos? Are you excited for January 19? What's the final verdict on Watson's mustache? 

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