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PBS could tell it was a hazy, sad day in Los Angeles, so the network decided to give me the TV equivalent of a dozen cupcakes (with sprinkles!) by finally announcing the U.S. premiere date for Sherlock Season 3: Sunday, January 19 at 10pm! It will premiere right after a new Season 4 episode of Downton Abbey, which has its own Stateside premiere on January 5. 

Production on Season 3 of the hit BBC series was delayed because of some obscure movies that series stars Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch just had to appear in. Like anything is more important than the bromance between Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. So thank God those are behind us, because movies are stupid, and because obviously we need to know how Sherlock survived that fall from the roof in the Season 2 finale. WE NEED TO KNOW. It feels like a billion years have passed since that happened. Is it January yet?

How do you think Sherlock survived? Also, be honest, did you pee your pants when you read the headline?

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AIRED ON 1/12/2014

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