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Over the weekend (always over the weekend, you sneaky Brits!) BBC One released a cool new interactive trailer for Season 3 of Sherlock. And when I say cool, I mean it's really freaking cool, because you can click into certain "hotspots" to view extra content. Sure, it's pretty much just more unseen footage of the new season, but I don't think anyone would ever argue against MORE Sherlock, would they? I think I'm going to create a Change.org petition for all future trailers for all TV shows to be this neat. 

And I know we're all tired of me making jokes about Watson's mustache, but it gets an indirect shout-out in one of the trailer's hotspots (as it turns out, Sherlock doesn't like it), so I now feel validated. Our dissertations on What Does It All Mean and Is It Important? were worth it!

But I'm going to stop yammering now so you can click play:


Do you like this new trailer format? Are you more excited (if that's even possible) for Season 3? 

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