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Go ahead and watch

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    I don't care for remakes. Most are never as good or likeable as the orginal. Unless it is something like Star terk where they expand the show rather than remake I have stop watching the remakes. Went they modernize a show that really end any hope of me watching it. Too many hopes curshed by the attempt to remake and modernize shows. My father-in-law, who is abig Jereny BrettSherlock fansuggested that I watch this show. Today was a snow day. With little that I wanted to do and the kids out side playing in thesnow, it is so nice that they have reached an age where they can play without us beinfg right with them, I checked Netflix out and ran across Sherlock. What the hey I gave it a try. Great show. A new twist that works. Anyone who is like me and are put off by the poor remakes of the past need to give this Holmes a try. I think you will like him andDr. Watson.

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