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  • Riveting

    Best show there is.. and we are so lucky that the actors are faithful enough to keep at it, regardless of their new fame.
  • Next episode!!!

    So when is the next episode after the abominable bride!!!
  • Abominable Indeed

    I've really loved all the SHERLOCK episodes, until this one. I felt all the actors were having a great time with their little in-jokes and were taking the piss out of the viewer. It was simply condescending and I hope the next, and possibly the last, series lives up to what once was!
  • This show... is just... wow.

    This show is unbelievably awesome! I love everything: music, cast, characters approach and the modern adaptation of Doyle's stories. I'm not so crazy about the Moriarty portrait because I would like to think that the perfect villain is above the psycho category. Everything else is as good as it gets, for sure. And I'm guessing the short amount of episodes per season is to focus all efforts in creating the best story possible -and I gotta admit, it works every time- but is a real torture waiting so long between seasons. But then again, all that just makes this show even more original.
  • Great Show I Ever Seen

    This show is very perfect at love This.........
  • Awesome TV series

    I bought season 1-3 on Blu-Ray, and love it.

    There is 2 negatives which is not about the series itself.

    Season 4 wont come until year 2017. Maybe 2 years from now.

    With its low amount of episodes, its still 2 years between each season.

    I think its very hard to make good episodes for this series, because they have to be so smart.

    Probably needs loads of rewrites .

  • Funny, smart, great characters, just makes you smile.

    This is a original show, not as in the concept is all new, but the pacing, the way sherlock thinks is amazing. The characters are intriguing and interesting especially sherlock. There has not been a bad or boring episode, a must watch.
  • Almost Perfect

    Loses two points only because of professor Moriarty. Although the action is transferred in modern England, the concept, the main characters and even the cases are in perfect accordance with Doyle's books. And then, someone came up with the idea to present an ingenious master villain archetype as a ridiculous psychopath. It's painful to even listen to him talking.

    Apart from that, the show is amazing, in every aspect. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are ideal as Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, the plot is great, even the music is fantastic. Well done!
  • Perfect Show

    This show just amazing, I wish they were longer series.

    But as the stars of the show say don't forget each episode is Movie length.

    I t's more than that each show is so polished and original, with so much going on and superb acting , each show feels like a movie, I can't wait for the next one.

    Cannot wait for season 4
  • Returning 2015 or 2016?

    There have been 2 years in between seasons until now?
  • One of the greatest shows I have ever seen

    I accidently stumbled upon this show on Netflix the other night and now I completely understand all the fuzz about that Benedict Cumberbatch fellow; He is simply amazing as Sherlock. The show is so well written, clever and witty, that it is hard to comprehend.

    I warn you, if you watch the first episode, be sure you have the time to watch the other episodes as well, you will be yearning for it. I definitely got a new, serious addiction!

  • The Sign of Three - Great

    The series is far better than any American TV currently available. The Sign of Three was one of the best shows in the series and my wife and I look forward to watching this again. Something that we don't normally do. Bravo to Masterpiece!
  • Better than Elementary

    I like elementary but there is a better bond and more humor in this show.
  • Robert and Jude who?

    Benedict and Martin are easily the best Holmes and Watson in recent history, 100 times better than Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law from the 2 movies. Show is wonderfully written and acted by everybody. Best show on BBC. Doctor Who doesn't have anything on this.
  • A clever, well-written, really good TV show with good actors

    Such a wonderful show! I hope new series will come soon!
  • A sleuth in pursuit of perfection!

    This series has made me read books for the first time - the sherlock books by Arthur Conan Doyle. I even imagine the same faces while reading them. True Detective deals with reality but lacks this series' stellar script.
  • The Comsummate Show

    This is the best series I've ever watched! It is brilliantly cast, the sets and costumes are tastefully underdone and the writing is stellar. I hope this series continues forever!!!!

    This TV show has everything - amazing acting, great story-line, beautiful directing... What I like the most is that there is actually no need for cliff-hangers as a way to compel people into coming back. Each and every episode is pure perfection and it's exactly that what has you hooked.

    And one more thing... Music! I can't tell you how happy I am that a present day high production TV show doesn't use cheesy pop/rock/whatever songs as background. Sherlock has these beautiful melodies that almost feel cinematic like a cherry on top.

    Absolutely gorgeous show that should be on everyone's 'must see' or even 'favorite' list regardless of their usual preferences.

  • It has its ups and downs

    But in the bottom line, it's a great crime series.
  • Best TV Series I've ever watched

    After watching many Holmes related shows, I wasn't sure about starting a new one. But Sherlock is nowhere near any other TV-Series. It's just lonely on the top. The storyline is very well adapted to 21st century Britain and the cast is just brilliant. The secret ingredient that makes Sherlock great is Britishness. There is no way you can make a good American Show for a Brit (like Elementary). First Episode of the second season is probably the best in TV-History.
  • New Favorite Show - Smart, Makes me think, Unique Style

    Season 2 and up (14)
  • Best Detective

    Totally awesome n EPIC!

    i just became aware of this show and love it; however i wish mr. moffat would do more than just 3 episodes. i'm told this is how it's done in england. come on mr. moffat,,do it like us americans and give us atleat 6 episods at a time.
  • A really good must see!! Alternative for Elementary :)

    I was watching Elementary to begin with but a friend told me about Sherlock. As a show and a Sherlock Holmes character compared to Elementary is a lot better and the production quality over all is much better

    but the downside is that it sometimes stretches the story too long coase of the one and a half hour episode and the 3 episodes per season only so for the two above reasons only i give it a 9 out of 10 but over all amazing show it is a must watch :)
  • Best Show on TV

    No TV show or film keeps you locked to the screen like Sherlock does. The 90 minutes fly by leaving you with a sense of wonder and fulfillment. Watching Sherlock fight with his own self to be the friend that Watson needs, sometimes getting it right but more than not failing is fascinating to watch, and this is before you get to the wonderfully intricate storytelling and character development.

    The show is rarely predictable, often funny and always thoroughly watchable, a proper modern day Holmes... bring on the next season
  • Typical British Silliness

    Long episodes with lots of Bla Bla Bla, silly dialogue, stupid content

    Is the writer on drugs or has amnesia? suddenly towards the end of each episode; decides to stick and paste contributing facts to solve the case.

    Boring Boring Boring

    If you like Sherlock Holmes, then watch Elementary. Less nonsense and more suspense!
  • grateful for this coming into my life.

    uh ye Sherlock is one of my favourite series at the moment, my friend Taylor got me into Sherlock and I am very grateful for this. I love Moriarty, he is the best person and I want to be him aahaha
  • Need to 'find a replacement' for Sherlock & Watson

    Before you attack me or hire Moriarty's henchman to off me, listen first. Benedict Cumberbatch is outstanding and IMHO, the next best Holmes to the legendary Basil Rathbone, that Steven Moffat watched as much as I did.

    But as has been noted before, 3 90 min shows every year or two do not make a season or series, and with all the work that Cumberbatch and Freeman have been getting, it is hard to shoot around their schedules. In this past season 3, while certainly not bad, the actors did not have the 'passion' of the past 6 shows.

    DownTown Abby shoots about 8-9 shows a season. Merlin shot about 12-13 episodes. With other actors, hopefully well cast unknowns, Sherlock would be an even bigger hit with longer seasons & a great run.

    I'm afraid it's only a matter of time before this series comes to an end because the stars are too busy. And yes I saw they will continue but only as long as everyone else does, and that is the escape.

  • Sherlock working with our Johnson!

    A . Judge recently said that the Doyle estate needn't be contacted in order to write stories about Holmes and Watson. I suppose that is why by Season 3 episode 2 Holmes is almost a Woman! He "feels" too much, Talks too much and now can't solve a case without the input of the wife of Dr. Watson.

    I admit I was taken in in the first 2 Seasons. Brilliant. I knew it couldn't last though. Not in the 21st Century where Men are emasculated and Women always are more ! It's sad that even the GREAT Sherlock Holmes has lost his, though somewhat useless genatalia for "political correctness" gone amoco in the World! I agree season 3 episode 1 was , sort of Holmesish, but as I said he's lost his PUNCH as the Famous Detective, for me anyway. Why do Females and Men with girlfriends who have their "junk" in a lock box seem to get this chance so often these days to have input on great or even just good stories and always screw them up? . Pretty soon even Superman will have a Vagina!

    I am so sad about Holmes and Watson. I am even sadder that a Man can't be a Hero anymore even on TV

    Women are characters , like the Robert Crumb ones these days. Big Butts with Men climbing on their backs for comfort. DOn't believe me? Watch ANY television show that is supposed to have a strong male lead and see if there isn't a better, stronger female who has to help the poor old sod out. No wonder boys get in to so much trouble and men can't say with their favorite girl and wind up divorced over 50% of the time. It's a BAD social experiment and the results are definitely IN!
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