Season 2 Episode 3

The Reichenbach Fall

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 2012 on BBC
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Moriarty embarks upon what may be the crime of the century, but breaking into H.M.P. Pentonville, the Tower of London, and the Bank of England is only the start. Sherlock must discover what his greatest foe is up to and stop him, but his reputation, and even his life, come under threat.


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  • Sherlock survives

    I agree pau13z view of the ending is great but it doesn't explain the reason why the daughter of the ambassador cried when seeing sherlock.

    My view of the ending is same with pau13z but with little change

    Kidnapper wore a mask (or something) of sherlock making the kids feel sherlock is the kidnapper and hence the crying.

    Jim moriarty died

    Sherlock pushed Jim of the building wearing the same mask making everyone feel sherlock suicided and therefore explaing the pulse issue and john couldn't check sherlock properly because of the homeless network preventing him to get proper checking.

  • A clever title goes here!

    best best best !!!!! <3
  • 2x03 - A ball of hurty awesome

    I'm always super pleased when a show can get me to turn on waterworks, and this episode perfect for that alone. The hits just kept coming. Such an awesome episode.
  • Absolutely Great British Series so far!!!!

    The Best Brits series ever so far....

    Moffat & Gatiss has managed and creatively brought and transformed Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories to the modern times without compromising all the important elements i.e characters and story line. It clearly shows Sherlock Holmes is timeless story.. One of the interesting elements featured in the series was the "word bubbles" where the words were floating around for the audiences to see to show what Sherlock was thinking and during the mobile phone's texting was brilliant and it has brought the audiences deeper in the story...I might be wrong, but I do think that this is the first time any series do so, so far.

    Cumberbatch & Freeman are great in this series particular in The Reichenbach Fall. Both of them have shown and acted with great depth emotionally. Both of them have successfully portrayed both Sherlock and Watson of how deep and close their friendship are. What a great chemistry! Although I already know that Sherlock has faked his death from the books, but it does'nt stop me from crying particularly in the first scene in the therapist's office where Watson had a hard time to express his sadness of losing Sherlock and in the graveyard scene... Kudos also to Andrew Scott (Jim Moriarty) for excellent portrayal of Sherlock's archenemy. What surprising was Gatiss's portrayal as Mycroft. I wldn't know if Gatiss has acted in previous drama or movie but it great portrayal nonetheless as he is also the one of the main brain behind this excellent series.

    **sigh** It would be a long wait for the 3rd season in 2013 to come... I sure hope Sherlock will win BIG in the coming Emmys....

  • Awesome!! Very Well Done --- SPOILERS!!!


    OK some things I picked up on, please comment or correct me:

    - Jim... not what you think. He wouldn't want Sherlock to win, and it's entirely possible to try to ensure his winning he did it, but I think it's staged, he's too smart to do that to himself, he would have had to consider that possibility. Most likely a blood pack. The blood that was there was very deep in colour, not normally seen straight away. Furthermore, no brain/skull matter, he died with a smile on his face, and if he did hit himself in the back of the skull you would have seen more damage, and either way he wouldn't have died straight away, he would have at least been twitching or something. The absence of arterial spray/brain matter tells me if he did actually shoot himself he probably went through the back of his neck a little to the side so he'd probably just bleed out slowly...

    - Goes to Molly for help - Earlier in the episode he asks Molly for help. Earlier in the ep Jim sad something along the lines of Sherlock falling, then Sherlock asks to meet on a rooftop... Of the hospital Molly works in... He knew, and he set things up. Molly took some of his blood, if she didn't already have some.

    - Watson on the other side of a building... Watson didn't see him hit the pavement, just him fall and him on the ground after.

    - Homeless Network - Mentioned earlier in the episode, and not a definite, but I'm guessing that's who was surrounding him, and the bike rider...

    - Injection Point - Not sure if many people saw this, and I could be wrong, but when you see Sherlock at the very end of the episode it looks like he's had an injection in his neck... ***Scrap That*** I mistook it.... It's a mole haha!! But it is still possible he was injected, the only other thing that fits him not having a pulse is the ball under the arm... Possible, they showed it quite a few times...

    - Conclusion Explained - I could be wrong, I'd like to hope I'm not, but I'm sure we'll find out, so here it goes. He ran off to Molly and told her what he needed... He knew Jim wanted to see him fall, literally, so he set it up. Got Molly to take some of his blood for the fall (Not just any blood will do, he wanted to be thorough). He organised with the homeless network to keep Watson away, hence the call about Mrs Hudson, him being knocked over by the cyclist, and Sherlock being instantly surrounded and people holding him away (He helps the homeless all the time with little jobs and giving them extra cash etc, the perfect people to help him... who's going to ask them questions about it??). When Watson was running towards Sherlock on the ground, you saw a truck with what looked like an inflatable landing pad on the back, Watson only got a glimpse of this while being knocked over. Molly and her staff were standing by, hence being surrounded by hospital staff 10 seconds after the fall... One of them injected Sherlock in the neck with a drug designed to slow his heart rate to a crawl, or potentially even stop his heart, until he could be revived inside where they rushed him quickly after Watson checked his pulse and saw he was dead.

    Thumbs up or down people, give me your feedback :)moreless
Katherine Parkinson

Katherine Parkinson

Kitty Riley

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Vinette Robinson

Vinette Robinson

Sgt Sally Donovan

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Tanya Moodie

Tanya Moodie


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Una Stubbs

Una Stubbs

Mrs Hudson

Recurring Role

Andrew Scott (II)

Andrew Scott (II)

Jim Moriarty

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Mark Gatiss

Mark Gatiss

Mycroft Holmes

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When John first sees Sherlock's body, there is a large truck with red and yellow markings blocking part of his view. The truck vanishes completely when John is hit by the biker and Sherlock can now be seen surrounded by several people. In the overhead shot of Sherlock, the truck can be seen driving off and people are only just now beginning to rush to Sherlock.

    • The "Sherlock's a Fake!" article that Kitty shows John consists of the same couple of paragraphs repeated three times across the four columns.

    • The article entitled "Jewel Thief on Trial at Bailey" repeats one of the sections twice: "Irish born Moriarty...trial of the century" is followed again by "Irish born Moriarty..."

    • Trivia: The opening dialogue establishes that 18 months have passed since the events of "A Study in Pink," matching the real-life time that has elapsed.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Lestrade: Well, we got him. And there's one person that we have to thank for giving us the decisive leads. With all his customary diplomacy and tact.
      John: Sarcasm.
      Sherlock: Yes.

    • John: Remember...
      Sherlock: Yes.
      John: Remember...
      Sherlock: Yes.
      John: Remember what they told you. Don't try to be clever...
      Sherlock: No.
      John: And please, just keep it simple and brief.
      Sherlock: Confidence, star witness, come across as intelligent.
      John: Intelligent, yes. Let's give "smart ass" a wide berth.
      Sherlock: I'll just be myself.
      John: Are you listening to me?!?

    • Prosecuting Barrister: How would you describe this man, his character?
      Sherlock: First mistake. James Moriarty isn't a man at all. He's a spider. Spider at the center of a web. Criminal web with a thousand threads and he knows precisely how each and every single one of them dances.

    • Sherlock: How long have I known (Moriarty)? Not really your best line of inquiry. We met twice, five minutes in total, I pulled a gun, he tried to blow me up. I felt we had a special something.

    • John: Don't do that.
      Sherlock: Do what?
      John: The look.
      Sherlock: Look?
      John: You're doing the look again.
      Sherlock: I can't see it, can I? (John points to a mirror) It's my face.
      John: Yes, and it's doing a thing. You're doing a, "We both know what's really going on here" face.
      Sherlock: But we do.
      John: No. I don't, which is why I find the face so annoying.

    • Moriarty: It's going to start very soon, Sherlock. The fall. But don't be scared. Falling's just like flying except there's a more permanent destination.

    • Sherlock: Linseed oil.
      Anderson: Not much use. Doesn't lead us to the kidnapper.
      Sherlock: Brilliant, Anderson.
      Anderson: Really?
      Sherlock: Yes. Brilliant impression of an idiot.

    • Sherlock: I need your help. It's one of your boyfriends, we're trying to track him down. He's a bit naughty.
      John: It's Moriarty.
      Sherlock: Of course it's Moriarty.
      Molly: Um, Jim wasn't even my boyfriend. We went out three times. I ended it...
      Sherlock: Yes, and then he stole the Crown Jewels, broke into the Bank of England, and organized a prison break at Pentonville. For the sake of law and order, I suggest you avoid all future attempts at a relationship, Molly.

    • Lestrade: Now remember, she's in shock and she's seven years old, so anything you can do to...
      Sherlock: Not be myself?
      Lestrade: Yeah. That'd be helpful.

    • John: No, I know you're for real.
      Sherlock: One hundred percent?
      John: Nobody could fake being such an annoying dick all the time.

    • Sherlock: Molly, I think I'm going to die.
      Molly: What do you need?
      Sherlock: If I wasn't everything that you think I am, everything that I think I am, would you still want to help me?
      Molly: What do you need?
      Sherlock: You.

    • John: She's dying, Sherlock. Let's go.
      Sherlock: You go, I'm busy.
      John: Busy?
      Sherlock: Thinking, I need to think.
      John: You need to... doesn't she mean anything to you? You once half-killed a man because he laid a finger on her.
      Sherlock: She's my landlady.
      John: She's dying... you machine. Sod this. Sod this, you stay here if you want, on your own.
      Sherlock: Alone is what I have. Alone protects me.
      John: Nope. Friends protect people.

    • Moriarty : (to Sherlock) All my life I've been searching for distractions, and you were the best distraction, and now I don't even have you. Because I've beaten you. And you know what? In the end it was easy. It was easy. Now I got to go back to playing with the ordinary people. And it turns out you're ordinary, just like all of them. Oh well.

    • Moriarty: You think you can make me stop the order? You think you can make me do that?
      Sherlock: Yes. So do you
      Moriarty: Sherlock, your big brother and all the king's horses couldn't make me do a thing I didn't want to.
      Sherlock: Yes, but I'm not my brother, remember? I am you, prepared to do anything. Prepared to burn. Prepared to do what ordinary people won't do. You want me to shake hands with you in Hell, I shall not disappoint you.
      Moriarty: No. You talk big. No. You're ordinary. You're ordinary, you're on the side of the angels.
      Sherlock: Oh, I may be on the side of the angels. But don't think for one second that I am one of them.

    • John: Hmm, you--you told me once that you weren't a hero. Umm, there were times I didn't even think you were a human, but let me tell you this. You were the best man, the most human human being that I've ever known, and no one will ever convince me that you told me a lie. And so there. I was so alone, and I owe you so much. Oh, please, there's one more thing, one more thing. One more miracle, Sherlock, for me. Don't be dead. Would you do that just for me, just stop it? Stop this.

  • NOTES (5)


    • Moriarty: Sherlock, your big brother and all the king's horses couldn't make me do a thing I didn't want to.
      Referencing the nursery rhyme "Humpty Dumpty" where "All the king's horses and all the king's men / Couldn't put Humpty together again." They represent the height of impossibility.