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  • Like so many great cable shows: killed off by the Neilsens.

    I thought this series was gut-bustingly funny from the get-go. When people asked me to describe it, I said it was like "Married With Children" for people with brains, AND R-rated. The script was screamingly funny with several running gags, not the least of which was when there would be a mild earthquake, and everyone would stop what they were doing and try to guess the Richter-scale rating. "3.7?" "No, more like a 4.5" Tyler's fixation with wanting to be an African-American was a gag that could have gotten old, but again, the script-writers kept it funny. And for those fixated on huge breasts, the cameraman zooming in on Tiffany's massive casabas was always a winning factor. Those of us who loved the show would probably agree that the show dropped in quality JUST A LITTLE with the 2nd season, when they got rid of the maid Elena and replaced her with Min, and brought aboard Peter Billingsley as their ultra-conservative relative, but those changes didn't necessarily KILL the show. It was a comedy series that worked, and it deserved a longer of us who followed it religiously were VERY UPSET when they pulled the plug on it. For my money, the funniest episode of all was when they adopted the redneck neighbor's racist parrot (HYSTERICALLY voiced by Gilbert Gottfried), who would scream out things like "Remember Ruby Ridge!" and especially the N-word, at full volume, in front of their new African-American neighbors. I hope to God it eventually becomes available on VHS copies are eventually going to wear out. :-(
  • Funny as Hell

    I thought the show was great and really had a chance, It had a good some good punch lines, also one of the actors is on a show today called Psych, He was the black friend to one of the guys. Need to see all seasons on dvd soon.
  • Wealthy family from Sherman Oaks and every bizarre detail of there lives.

    Ahh, this was the show for a pre-pubescent me. Tiffany the HOT daughter who looked like a porn star, and everytime there was an earthquake the camera fell onto her breasts. The Wanna-be black son who at one time(I believe) he joins the Nation of Islam. The HOT maid who has sex with every person she encounters. This odd show had it all, an actually was ahead of it's time. One of my favorite shows "The Office" bit of the same premise(sort of). Still a good show, I wonder if it will ever be out on DVD.