Lifetime (ended 2009)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Indecision '09
      Episode 13
      Sherri can't decide on whether to start a new future with Randy or re-kindle her relationship with Kevin. Celia and Angie have different opinions on who Sherri should choose. Meanwhile, Bart tells Summer he would like to officially begin their relationship after he is finished giving her a head-to-toe makeover.
    • 11/24/09
      Sherri plans to have an intimate Thanksgiving with Bo and her father but plans soon change after guests keep arriving at Sherri's house nonstop. Randy arrives unannounced as does Paula because her baby needs to see the doctor.

      Summer, Angie, and Celia are busy preparing meals for the less fortunate but they have a big problem when the van used to deliver the meals is towed and there is no way to deliver those meals.

      Angie flirts with a cop to see if she can get the meals delivered with his help. Soon she arrives with the cop at Sherri's house soon after Sumner and Celia.

      Sherri's father is somewhat unhappy about having to share leftovers with so many people. Amid all the chaos Paula tells Bo the secret Sherri and Kevin have been waiting to tell at the right time. Sherri suddenly realizes that she has a lot to be thankful for.
    • The Game Changer
      Episode 11
      Sherri hosts a game night to introduce her friends to Randy that falls apart when they both show up with blind dates and Summer wants Angie's date for herself.
    • 4 Women and a Baby
      Episode 10
      Sherri babysits Paula's baby while she sleeps on Sherri's couch, but when Sherri is called to work she has to take the baby with her. Later at the office Sherri and her friends watch the baby while they get the information together for their boss's audit.
    • Birth
      Episode 9
      Sherri and Celia are getting ready to play tennis when Paula goes into labor in Sherri's apartment. Later at the hospital tensions flare when there are problems with the baby. Meanwhile Celia, Angie, and Summer play board games.
    • Stronger
      Episode 8
      After running into Paula at Dr. Gregg's office, Sherri contemplates whether she and Kevin should take Bo trick-or-treating separately or together. Meanwhile, Angie and Celia plan a surprise birthday party for Summer, whose birthday is always overshadowed by Halloween.
    • 10/20/09
      Sherri hopes that being single will allow her to go on dates with other people not just Dr Gregg. Angie and Celia want their time cards signed by Donna before she has a makeover.
    • Dating Dad
      Episode 6
      Sherri doesn't want to date anymore after her date with Dr. Gregg goes bad. Redmond gives her the confidence to date again. Angie has trouble with Donna's daughter.
    • 10/9/09
      Sherri is asked to do a stand up at Celia's church, but she does so good Celia feels left out. Angie and Summer make everyone at the gym think they are gay so they can get a discount.
    • Lost Weekend
      Episode 4
      Sherri has Bo to take care of for the weekend Angie tries to spend time with her but Bo wants to have his mom read a story. Sherri learns to meditate but doesn't work for her Summer throws a party where everybody can learn more about each other, but Sherri has her mind on other things.

      Sherri decides to check on Bo and Kevin only to find them at Karate having a good time. Sherri finally has time for herself.
    • 10/7/09
      Sherri leaves the office to get Bo a birthday present; Bo has an accident.
    • 10/6/09
      When Sherri can't seem to land an acting job her friends try to give her confidence a shot so Sherri can land an acting job. Angie tries to get a coworker to not forget to donate to breast cancer.
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Sherri finds comfort from friends after divorcing her husband and dealing with a busy life.