She's Got the Look

Wednesday 10:00 PM on TV LAND Premiered Jun 04, 2008 In Season


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  • My summary is that She's got the look is unoriginal and politically correct.

    At first I liked this show but I should have known better. First of all they had to make sure that there were enough minorities and one obvious lesbian. Why would they even pick someone for the top ten who looks like a man and who is not even attractive? They are trying to tell the mainstream population that even women who look like men can be supermodels. Bahia was clearly the top choice and she was cheated. Tanya was pretty but not even in the same class as Bahia. Notice how there were few blondes because that would be too American looking and not politically correct. I will not watch this show anymore because it is all about meeting quotas.
  • Not Season 2 Material

    Was looking so forward to season 3. So far too many disappointments with the loss of Kim A and Beverly J. I don't know who the current is besides maybe recalling on Dancing with the Stars. We grew up with Kim and Beverly (true icons)! Why was the BEST part of the competition omitted with selection of top 20 (interviews, test shots, runway, eliminations)! Season 3 contestants aren't even close with 2...It appears the tightening of the budget (NO high profile judges AND $100K prize) has left us with a disappointing LOOK at this years show and contestants. Hope not!