Shigofumi: Letters from the Departed

Chiba TV (ended 2008)


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  • Season 1
    • And Then
      And Then
      Episode 13
      When Fumika is bullied at school, Suzune shows her kindness.
    • Shigofumi
      Episode 12
      With the news of her abuse spreading, Fumi is having a hard time being around people. After learning why her mother married Kirameki and had her, Fumi finally breaks. Returning to Kirameki's home, Fumi prepares to commit suicide, that is, until Mika shows up.
    • Awaken
      Episode 11
      The real Fumika has finally awoken from her coma. Elsewhere, Chiaki questions Fumika about what she plans to do when the real Fumika wakes up. When she reveals that she will end her own existance by having the real Fumika shoot her, Chiaki quickly rushes to Kaname and Natuska for help. But can they keep the two Fumika's apart?moreless
    • Encounter
      Episode 10
      While visiting her relatives house, a little girl, named Fumika, meets her cousin Takehiko, who suddenly left his job for no reason. After Fumika is left in his care, Takehiko takes her out to have some fun. While they are going from place to place, Takehiko thinks back on why he quit his job.moreless
    • Restarting
      Episode 9
      While visiting the real Fumika in the hospital, Fumika is visited by Chiaki who wants her to join her on a trip. Surprisingly Fumika agrees to go with her, the only catch is that she chooses the location. Deciding to take Kaname and Natsuka along with them, the group heads to a couple of tropical islands. Upon arriving at the first island, Fumika reveals that their actual destination is the deserted second island, where a Shigofumi needs to be sent to.moreless
    • Beginning
      Episode 8
      Seeing Kirameki shoot Fumika, Kaname quickly tackles him and proceeds to punch him. While Kaname and Haruno lock up Kirameki, Natsuka watches as Fumika easily removes the bullet and repairs her clothes. When Kaname and Natsuka return, Fumika reveals what happened when Kirameki was shot, who she is, and who the Fumika in the hospital is.moreless
    • Kirameki
      Episode 7
      Natsuka's sister Haruno lands an editors job for Kirameki Furikawa. When Kaname learns this from Natsuka, he immediately wants to go see Kirameki to ask him about Fumika. Elsewhere Fumika makes her way to Kirameki's home to deliver a Shigofumi. Could Fumika's past and who she is be revealed?
    • Scream
      Episode 6
      While surfing the net one day, Shunsuke Morishita comes across topic in a forum about a kid being bullied. Not thinking much about it, Shunsuke goes to school and helps bully a kid named Kouichi Kikugawa. After checking the topic again, Shunsuke realizes Kouichi is that person. When he asks Kouichi about it, Kouichi begs him for help, which Shunsuke refuses. But when Kouichi commits suicide, Shunsuke finds himself in Kouichi's position.moreless
    • I'm Home
      I'm Home
      Episode 5
      Fumika and Chiaki end up having to deliver two Shigofumi's to a cat. Meanwhile Kaname is trying to find out where Fumika is by calling old classmates and asking them about Fumika. After calling Kasai Natsuka, Kaname learns Fumika is in a hospital. Is the Fumika in the hospital a different person from the Fumika Kaname saw, or are they the same person?moreless
    • Tears
      Episode 4
      Ran Yahiro is a popular high school tennis player. When Fumika appears outside her house to give her a Shigofumi from someone named Tateishi Naoko, Ran quickly knocks the Shigofumi out a Fumika's hand and leaves. Before Fumika can make another attempt to deliver the letter, Ran leaves town.
    • Friend
      Episode 3
      During lunch break, Tooru Kotake, Kaname Nojima, and Daiki Senkawa discuss the topic of jumping off the loading platform when a train comes. Kaname wonders if Tooru wants to die, but he quickly denies it. When they ask Daiki, he ends up getting called away, but tells them he hadn't. That night Tooru learns that Daiki committed suicide, but he can't figure out why. Could the Shigofumi Fumika has contain the answer?moreless
    • Rocket
      Episode 2
      With Shota dead, Asuna goes after the only witness to his murder, Fumika. Before she can land her blow, Fumika disappears. Wondering what happened, Asuna quickly buries Shota's body. The next day Asuna finds out the police are looking for her to ask questions about her and Shota. After quickly changing her look and clothes, Asuna gets on a train to leave town when Fumika appears before. This time she has a letter for Asuna and the sender is Shota.moreless
    • Confession
      Episode 1
      Shota Machiya dreams of launching his own rocket. Watched by his friend Asuna Ayase, Shota is often teased by her for some of the things he does. As Shota tries to gain the courage to confess to Asuna, she gets a call informing her of her father's death. After Asuna leaves, Shota meets a mysterious girl dressed in a mail carrier's uniform, named Fumika. The person she is looking for Asuna Ayase's lover. What she has for that person is a letter from none other then Ayase's deceased father.moreless