Shikabane Hime

AT-X (ended 2009)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • The End of Shikabane
      With the Shikabane Hime's now seemingly unaffected by the loss of their En's they continue to fight against the last of the Shichsei. At the same time Ouri and Makina try to defeat Akasha and Hokuto once and for all. However, when Akasha's feelings for his old Shikabane Hime resurface his En to Hokuto is severed and she reverts to being a corpse once again only to disappear. In the aftermath of the battle Ouri and Makina contemplate what to do now that they know the truth about what awaits them.moreless
    • 108 Lies
      108 Lies
      Episode 11
      With the En that binds the Shikabane Himes and their Contracted Priests gone the batle with the Shikabane seems lost. Meanwhile, Akasha turns on the Shichsei and transforms Hokuto into a Shikabane Hime only to be confronted by Ouri and Makina. Durring the fight the truth about Akasha's past and the Shikabane Hime's is revealed. Gon Dai Soujou must then sacrifice himself in order to destroy Akasha, Hokuto and the secret of the 108 corpses.moreless
    • Destination Hell
      Destination Hell
      Episode 10
      When the Shichsei cause a huge plane crash in Ikai City it results in thousands of deaths and the creation of hundreds of Shikabane. As such all available Shinkabane Hime are ordered to head there and destroy all of the Shikabane. However, Makina and Ouri realise that the Shichsei are not headed for the city but to the Joubou deep in the mountains and set off after them. When they arrive they find Sadahiro and Akira guarding the entrance and Makina and Ouri must defeat them before they can gain entry and confront Akasha and Hokuto.moreless
    • Value of the Living
      Ouri is attacked by Hizuchi, who it turns out is one of the children killed by Ouri's mother all those years ago. As such Ouri finally remembers his past and everything that happened to him. Meanwhile, Makina continues her fight with Hokuto and although she initial seems out matched is able to defeat her just as the rest of the Kougon Cult arrives. She then rushes to reach Ouri before it is too late.moreless
    • My Mother Is Immoral
      Makina has been kidnapped by the Shichisei and takes the opportunity to try and kill Hokuto. Meanwhile Ouri finds out that he is actually the child of a Shikabane. He is then forced to flee the Kougon Cult when they believe that he too is a Shikabane. When he heads back to the orphanage to try and find answers about his past he is confronted by Hizuchi who has abducted Hina.moreless
    • Common Desire
      Common Desire
      Episode 7
      Kasuka is still being controlled by Touya, and when Ouri and Makina discover this they head to the school to find her. However, when they arrive they are confronted by Touya and a very confused Kasuka. After Makina all but defeats Touya, Hizuchi arrives, kills Kasuka and kidnaps Makina. Meanwhile, the Shichisei are attempting to decipher a book that contains the secrets of creating Shikabane Himes.moreless
    • The Monster named Happiness
      Ouri is still fighting Ena and manages to use a Zadan technique for the first time, but no-one seems to know how he mastered it so quickly. Ouri's conviction finally convinces Makina to accept him as her contractor priest and by using her curse of super-human regeneration she is able to defeat Ena. Meanwhile, Rika, Saki and Fresh Backbone are under attack from another member of the Shichisei, Touya. Durring the battle Touya encunters Kasuka (who was on the mountain in search of Ouri) and realises that she thinks of death the same way he does and decides to make her happy.moreless
    • Nature And Regret
      Takamasa and Itsuki continue to battle against Tomoharu and Itsuki is finally able to defeat him by partially reverting to her Shikabane form allowing Ouri to see what it means to be a Shikabane Hime. Saki and Rika then arrive and explain that Makina was to be taken back to the main temple but that she was attacked on the way by what appears to be Keisei's corpse. While Ouri and the others rush back to Mt. Goryou to find her, Makina is left to face not only Keisei but also one of the Shichisei alone. When the others arrive a misunderstanding leads to a skirmish between Rika and Saki and Sadahiro and Akira forcing Ouri to search for Makina alone. He arrives just in time to save Makina from the Shichisei, Ena disguised as Keisei. However, Ena soon returns and this time he has an army of corpses that all look like Keisei.moreless
    • Itsuki`s Shape
      Itsuki`s Shape
      Episode 4
      As a strange shikabane attacks a car park in Tokyo Genpakku and Ouri rush to the scene. On the way Genpakku tells him all about how he met Itsuki and became a contracted priest. He also shares with Ouri a painful story about how he realised that Shikabane Hime are not the cute young girls they appear but are in fact monsters.moreless
    • Loved Variant
      Loved Variant
      Episode 3
      Ouri is back in the woods continuing his training as Makina is sent off to perform a cleansing ritual. This ritual is supposed to help her forget about Keisei and strengthen her attachment to Ouri but something goes wrong. Instead of forgetting about Keisei she feels a great sense of guilt about his death and is determined that Ouri should not be her contracted priest and she sets off to confront him.moreless
    • My Enemy
      My Enemy
      Episode 2
      Several members of the Kougon Cult arrive and believe that Makina has killed one of their own. However, no sooner is she captured than the Shichsei arrive and trap the entire group in a strange spell. Here Makina is forced to fight to protect both Keisei's memory and the Kougon Cult members who are trapped with her. She manages to defeat one of the Shichsei but is about to be attacked by Hokuto when reinforcements arrive to save the day.moreless
    • Path of Light
      Path of Light
      Episode 1
      Several months have passed since Ouri began his training and Makina has spent that time locked away in isolation. However, that area is attacked by the Shichsei and one of Makina's guards becomes a shikabane. Makina is in no condition to fight and it is only thanks to Ouri's timely arrival that the shikabane is defeated.moreless
  • Season 1