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Shin-Chan is FUNimation's version of the popular yet controversial Japanese anime series. Shin is a 5-year-old boy who is constantly doing and saying inappropriate things, with hilarious results, much to the dismay and annoyance of those around him. Shin, along with his family, his friends from kindergarten, and some annoying neighbors, ends up turning every day situations into funny adventures.

Unsure how the show would be initially received, it debuted in late August 2006 on Adult Swim as a test run of six episodes composed of vignettes that were mixed and matched spanning the show's 14 year history. The test run proved to be a success and a complete first season was ordered. FUNimation has made the episodes more mature in content as well as more current with numerous pop culture references.
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  • Best show

    This is the best show I am of am watching this show from the beginning and watched all movies of this just awesome
  • This show should be rated TV-MA and put on the Funimation Channel at midnight. It's that bad!

    Disgusting, immature, and just plain stupid! Why did Adult Swim even bother to put this show on anyway? They took off Trinity Blood and the Boondocks for this? Gosh! The main character (Shin-chan) is a real idiot, and always shows his bare rear end to everybody! What's up with that? Other than that, everyone is a sure turd, and I just want to go into the TV and punch them in the face, or kill them with a chainsaw. The reason why I said in the summary that it should be rated TV-MA is because I saw this one episode about milk(!), and Shin and his dad were going to take a milk bath, and they had their clothes off, but they were completeley naked, showing their pee-pees!! That's just sick; at least pixelate them! This show shouldn't be on at all.moreless
  • A show i've been with from beginning to....end?

    I don't know why I even bothered seeing the premiere episode of Adult Swim's newest anime, "Shin Chan", but I did anyways, and I found out that's it's just PURE AWESOMENESS! Uncensored adult jokes, some pop culture references(just enough to satisfy your fill) and some jokes you don't understand but you laugh at anyways because you just laugh. I want this show to keep on going till the end of it's length(basically all 13-14 seasons)and satisfy me till the very end. The "Di1dor" saga is good, but it's staying just right on the edge of losing interest, and I know the dubbers of Shin-Chan can do better than that. LONG LIVE SHIN!moreless
  • Even though the next episode of Shin-Chan is on Adult Swim video I sometimes watch Shin-Chan on Adult Swim video to see witch episode is next. I like Adult Swim better than Cartoon Network.moreless

    This is one of the best shows I ever watched since Family Guy and 12 Oz Mouse! It gets better every episode and every season.My favorite season is season 2. One of my favorite episodes segment is Book'Em Shin-o!Crayon Shin-Chan is one of my favorite Anime I ever watched on Cartoon Network on the Adult Swim block.My favorite part on Book'Em Shin-o! is when Shin distracts a person studying on something.At the end of the episode segment the librarian kicks out the person

    who was studying because Shin was distracting the person too much that the person yelled at Shin.moreless
  • A show made in bad taste, crude humor, zany characters, funny situations, and action that's completely off-beat, this show is a winner all around! :!:

    While some Japanese people have a warped sense of humor, some American people have a sense of humor that's just as warped and/or maybe even more so! Some critics might have said that it was crazy for anyone to translate their series! And Cartoon Network did translate it, so they Were crazy...crazy like a fox! This show is one of their highest rated anime programs ever, and for a very good reason! Who else but Shin-Chan could take something as simple as dairy overdosing to such extreme, hilarious highs? Who else but Shin-Chan can witness so many extreme personalities clashing against each other in so many entertaining ways? Who else but Shin-Chan can always enjoy the best of everything even during the worst of situations? Who else but Shin-Chan could become buddies with such an odd collection of friends? And who else but Shin-Chan could be a fan of a vulgarly named superhero and make fun of Both the original "Star Wars" movie and "Freaky Friday?" Nobody else in the cartoon universe that I know of, that's for sure! It is because of this show's unique personality, that I can understand how life for some Japanese people (albeit warped Japanese people) just might be like in the land of the rising sun. It might not be accurate, but it sure is funny! :lol: That's why I love this show, because it revels in its own humor! :idea: Enough said! ;)moreless

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Anime, dysfuntional families, issues with authority, Adult, pop culture references