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Favorite Shin Chan Quotes

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    Ai Sutome: Ah, Mochi Cakes! we wake our chef up every morning at four o'clock to prepare five dozen of these for the servants quarters
    Moeko Sakueada: He makes 5 dozen every day?
    Ai Sutome: Uh huh. my mom likes to throw the extras out in front of the homeless

    Happiness Bunny: I welcome death. I yearn for it. I dream of it every night. Am I never to feel it's cold, dark embrace?

    Shin-Chan Nohara: Mommy says beer before nine is a crime.
    Hiroshi Nohara: Mommy doesn't have to live with Mommy.

    Misae Nohara: No, no, Hina. Those are tapes that Mommy and Daddy made and we can't afford the therapy you'd need if you ever saw them.

    Shin-Chan Nohara: So I thought if I put the toaster in the freezer, we could make Poptartsicles.

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