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UPN (ended 2004)

It was a SIX episode test run

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    #7 Go Kite Flying/I Make A Snowman/Why Mom Keeps On Shouting???
    #10 Hot pot shot/I am Sick/I Become A Policeman

    This episode guide is intended for the FUNimation version of Shin Chan on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim which only had a test run of SIX episodes. These extra two episodes someone has added do not belong here and must come from the regular series because they're certainly not from the US Cartoon Network Adult Swim's broadcast. It really is lame that these were approved because the guide is now inaccurate and this person received credit for adding the additonal episodes complete with summaries and recaps, and they don't even belong here. If you don't believe me, go here: I know because I watched and recorded every one of the six original reversioned episodes from the test run. Also the only cast which needs to be in the main cast should be the AMERICAN cast. I tried to contribute voice actors for the show and there is the American, the Japanese and the British voice cast all there. The regular Shin Chan has an episode guide already -- episodes from the regular series do not go here. It cannot be stressed enough that this guide is for the Adult Swim Shin Chan which aired during late August of 2006.

    Edit: As of 10/15/06 (Yep, the next day after I made the above post) I became Editor for this show's guide so now no more episodes or submissions which do not belong will be added to here because they have to get past me. The extra two episodes have been deleted. That is all.
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    it ran for 2 seasons and iam hopeing theres a 3th season of this show i love crayon shin chan (shin chan).
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