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what if thay made a parody of fox shows.

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    hay what do you guys think would be like if shin chan did a parody of curent shows on fox like king of the hill, the simpsons, family guy or american dad heres my idra who thay can be if thay did one of thoss shows,

    king of the hill

    shin=bobby hill

    mitzy=peggy hill

    hiro=hank hill

    whity=lady bird hill or doggy

    bo=joseph gribble

    penny=connie supanosemphon

    yoshirin & mitchi=dale & nancy gribbles


    penny' mom=mihn

    hiro' friend from his office=boomhoure

    principal ench=eather principal moss or john redcorne

    mitzy' dad=mr,strickland

    gin=cotten hill

    nanako=louanne platter

    thats call i can think of sorry if i left out georgie and motso i cant think of iny one els thay shude be but if you guys have iny ideas i like to hear thim.

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