Shin Chan

Season 2 Episode 22

Morning Vacuuming

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Nov 09, 2008 on UPN
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Penny's Mom Abhors Shin
When Penny's mom suspects she's pregnant, she decides to take drastic measures.

The Dildor Saga: Beelzedrop Returns!
Shin's crazy kendo teacher decides Shin's neighbor is Beelzedrop and goes about trying to awaken him.

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      • Shin: I just realized you have a sweet superpower now--you can crap for two people at once. (Handing her the piece of cake) Here, eat this and see what happens.
        Patty: No...thanks, I'm really not hungry.
        Penny: I know you said Daddy did something that turned you off strawberry shortcake, which I still don't get. But you really should eat something, and I'm pretty sure Caitlin II likes cake.
        Shin: Well, if you want, I can test it for you to make sure it's not stale, poisoned, or vegan.
        Penny: Gimme! Come on, doesn't it look yummylicious? The berries are oozing with flavor.
        Patty: Look, you guys, I need to... (shot of Penny) It's just... (close-up of Penny) Here's the thing. (Outside shot of house, as Shin and Penny scream in horror) Wait, there's more.
        Shin: (leaving the house two hour later) Gotta keep Hima away from the Hoover.

      • Patty: This baby will not be a sequel to Caitlin.
        Penny: You mean she'll stay with us longer and not live in the clouds?
        Patty: Well, I can promise you she won't live in a lake. (thinking) I can't tell her the truth. After a few days, she'll have watched enough TV to forget this, then me Dr. Våjerstan, and the angels will be the only ones to know. Mommy's going to make throw-upsies.
        Penny: Your tum-tum's all icky? Is it morning sickness?
        Shin: Don't stop her, blowing chunks could make her lose some of that weight.
        Penny: Oh, Mommy, I haven't been this happy since the last time Daddy went on a business trip.

      • Penny: What's the matter, Mommy? You look gloomier than normal.
        Patty: Mommy's just a little tired. Spent all morning vacuuming.

      • Patty: I don't get it, how could I have gained five pounds?! I just got back on solid foods after having my jaw wired shut! The one thing Bill hates more than women is fat women!

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