Shin Chan - Season 1

UPN (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • 12/17/07

    The Grandfathers, Part 1
    Hiro's father invites himself along when the Noharas visit Mitzi's parents.

    The Grandfathers, Part 2

    The two grandfathers compete for the affection of their grandchildren as they try and one up each other.

    The Grandfathers, Part Sofia Coppola Can't Act
    The two grandfathers finally bond after visiting the local bathhouse.

  • 12/14/07

    The Mis-Education of Maso's Will
    Penny and the gang try to help Maso break free of Ai's control.

    The Horrible Secret of Count Ench the Magnificent
    When the kids learn that Principal Ench used to perform magic, he decides to make a comeback as a magician.

    Ai Ya Yi!

    When Shin yet again rejects her advances, Ai decides to elope with Maso.

  • 12/13/07

    The Ench Stroke
    Shin and some other school kids practice Japanese writing.

    Pupin the Turd
    Shin Chan and Georgie Brown pretend-play as two detectives who must retrieve a precious emerald and ruby from a villain who makes bad puns.

    The Fifth Beetle
    Maso finds a rare stag beetle but loses it to two tough second graders. Now Shin and his other friends decide to team up to help Maso get his beetle back.

  • 12/12/07

    Mom's Supervillain Supercrush
    Shin's mom finds a bad guy named the De-Flowerer on Shin's favorite Action Bastard cartoon appealing.

    Girls Just Wanna Have Husbands

    Shin gets caught in a love relationship with two girls. One girl he wouldn't mind being involved with and the other, not so much.

    Melvin's Coming to Dinner

    When a level 12 typhoon is scheduled to hit Japan in just 26 hours, Shin and his family must do everything they can in order to prepare for a storm's onslaught . . . which may or may not actually exist.

  • 12/11/07

    Fat Boy Shin
    When Shin becomes too fat, Mitzi puts him on a diet and exercise regime. Things are going well until he sees Nanako.

    How I Went Down Under With My Kindergarten Teacher: Parts 1 & 2
    Miss Anderson thinks her Australian vacation with Doyle will be ruined after learning that the Noharas are on the same flight. Her worst fears come true when her attempts to remain incognito prove fruitless.

    Ench's Angels
    A parody of Charlie's Angels plays where the kindergarten teachers take the role of the Angels.

  • 12/10/07

    Penny's Mom's Great Escape
    To escape an abusive relationship, Penny's mom attempts to run away from home only to have her plans thwarted by Shin.

    Between a Rock and a Tard-Face
    Shin has to decide what to do after losing Philip, a friend's pet rock.

    Happiness Bunny's Revenge's Revenge

    Strange things happen when Penny misplaces Happiness Bunny.

  • 5/23/07

    Bed, Bath, and Poo-ed On!
    Shin and Hima ensure their bath night is a memorable event.

    Planet of the Dogs

    Shin's neglectful treatment of Whitey gets turned on its head after they're kidnapped and taken to a dog planet where their roles get reversed.

    Planet of the Dogs 2: Holy Shih Tzu

    Shin and Whitey try to stop a plot to overthrow the ruler of the dog planet.

  • The Herpes Effect
    Episode 19

    The House Is Officially Unblown
    The Nohara's first morning in their rebuilt house turns into a calamity when Hima takes the alarm clock apart.

    Can't Elope!
    The gang gets involved when Penny declares she and Maso are going to elope.

    Whiteface Charcoalpants!
    Shin encounters Whiteface Charcoalpants, a demon who gives him stickers that can turn anybody into anything he wants.

  • The Girls of 34C
    Episode 18

    Break Yo Mamma's Back!
    When Mitzi hurts her back, her friend Summer offers to help out.

    Hellion Crawler Baby
    Hima is getting to be a handful and working Mitzi's last nerve.

    Guess Who's Slumming To Dinner
    The Noharas find they've acquired enough good food for a little feast; now all they have to do is keep it a secret long enough so they can enjoy it.

  • 5/17/07

    Let's Get Slothed!
    Shin and his friends decide to become "lazy tree-hugging sloths."

    Let's Act Crazy
    Mitzi asks Yuu to babysit Hima.

    Stakeout of the Closet
    Two detectives try to be as inconspicuous as possible while on a stakeout in a nearby apartment. They don't have much luck after encountering Shin and somehow wind up having to pass themselves off as a same-sex couple, or more specifically, a disabled home bound homosexual and his gay monkey.

  • 5/16/07

    Pink Eye And The Red Hot Doc
    Shin contracts a case of pink eye and Hiro has to take him to the Pediatrician. Hilarity soon ensues.

    Door Jam
    Mitzi tries in vain to fix the loose door on their apartment and as usual, Shin is no help.

    The Adventures Of Super Pooper
    Shin becomes a "superhero" when one of his friends is denied access to a restroom in the "big kids'" part of the school.

  • 5/15/07

    The Itsy Mitzi Spider
    Mitzi comes home one evening and finds a spider on her. She then proceeds to ask Hiro and Yonro to do something to only get nothing. What will she do to solve the problem?

    Rainal Leakage

    While the family is sleeping, a typhoon comes and strikes the area. So now, the Noharas must hold up through the night.

    Shin-Chan: The Page One Rewrite (brought to you by the marketing department)
    In this rewrite, everyone is a superhero with some kind of power to fight some kind of evil. Shin just happens to be one of those heroes.

  • 5/14/07

    Untrue Romance
    The kids at school, namely Shin's group, share their thoughts about the relationship between Miss Anderson and her new boyfriend, Doyle.

    The Corpse Whisperer
    Shin invites Boo, Georgie, Maso and Penny over for a game of "corpse". However, Maso then mistakes Yuu's act for a real murder which leads to a series of events.

    Concerto in the Key of Butt Minor
    When returning from the store, Shin, Mitzi and Hima find a tape in their mailbox which is an invitation to Ai's piano recital.

  • 4/27/07

    Everybody, Get Naked!
    Hiro and Shin head out to a spa, and they meet Mitzi's friend Nanako. Nanako then joins Hiro and Shin at the spa.

    White Men Can't Dump
    On his way to his Young Republican's meeting, Georgie stops by at Shin's house to use the bathroom. However, everything's not as easy as he thinks.

    The Cucumber Sucking Monster
    One day at school, Boo tells the gang about a monster he read about on the internet called "The Kappa". As the group heads out to find the monster, Ai soon gets involved. Will the elusive Kappa be found?

  • Get Yours, or Die!
    Episode 12

    No Guts No Glory Hole
    Shin accidentally punches a hole through the wall to Yonro's apartment. Yonro and Shin try to fix it, but they make it worse. In the end, Shin's family decides to put a curtain over the hole so nobody will be the wiser.

    Action Bastard Says: Put Your Hands On My Rod
    Shin is excited about Action Bastard's latest promotional give-away. If he sends in 3 Action Bastard symbols off of Action Bastard Potato Chip bags, he will get a free Action Bastard Toy Rod. Unfortunately, Shin eats an entire bag before remembering he's not allowed to eat those chips without asking permission first. Now Shin is conflicted because he wants the Toy Rod but he also doesn't want to get into trouble with his mom. How will Shin solve his problem?

    The Parasites Are Back!
    Michi and Yoshirin return into the Nohara's life when they get into an argument about a Hentai doll of all things. Can the Nohara's keep their temper while the young couple settle their differences?

  • 4/25/07

    Little Morphin' Tranny
    One of the Nohara's next door neighbor's is not what she appears to be. While Hiro and Shin think she's hot, Mitzi thinks that she is a he. Yet there is actually another reason for the confusion that nobody can see coming.

    A Bicycle Built for Poo
    When Mitzi oversleeps and is unable to wake Shin up to get onto the school bus in time, she has to undergo a tortuous time in trying to bike Shin to school, but Mitzi keeps getting distracted en route there by various factors. Is Mitzi's trip going to be in vain?

    The Young and the Eggless

    There is a sale on eggs at a local store and Mitzi is determined to get a case of eggs before anyone else can. Unfortunately, she picks up a rival in a younger, prettier mother who also wants a case of eggs. Now it's a race to determine which mother will end up with the eggs. Will Shin's antics hinder or end up helping Mitzi?

  • By The Dawn's Early Fight
    It's the Nohara's first morning in their apartment and mayhem is promised. Hiro gets ready for work and Shin gets to skip school but, the rest in between is madness.

    Bug Thy Neighbors

    Mitzi and Shin meet Yonro their next, next room neighbor. However, Shin's gags introduce him to the Land Lady.

    Spin Georgie
    Shin invites Penny, Maso, Boo and Georgie over to the apartments to play. Unfortunately, they mostly upset the Land Lady and Yonro. But with Georgie's spin tactics, they can hopefully stand a chance.

  • 4/23/07

    Hiro of the Hunt
    After their house explodes, Hiro and Shin - accompanied by Michi and Yoshirin - look for a new place to live while their house is being rebuilt.

    Movin' on Down
    After finding an apartment to move into, Hiro, Michi and Yoshirin help set up the apartment while Mitzi, Shin and Hima say goodbye to Whitey due to the apartment's "No Dogs" policy. Later, chaos ensues as Hiro and Mitzi unpack the stuff packed by Shin.

    A Family That Sleeps Together...
    It's the first night in their new temporary apartment and the Noharas are restless so Hiro decides to tell them all a story of a "Hiroic" salesmen named . . . you guessed it . . . Hiro.

  • 4/19/07

    Blinging Up Baby
    Ai once again tries to get another member of Shin's family on her side. This time, she will try to temp Hima. Will her plan succeed?

    Hima Nohara in "How Far Will You Go to Get Juice"
    Hima demonstrates what happens when someone gets between a baby and her juice.

    House of Whacks
    A series of house renovating accidents occur after Shin's soccer ball puts a crater in the wall.

    It's the End of the Show as We Know It
    With their house destroyed, the Noharas contemplate their future. Shin makes a "The End" sign implying the show has ended but that's not the case.

  • 4/18/07

    Monkey See, Monkey Poo
    Hiro comes home after another hard day of "almost got myself fired" work. Exhausted, he nods off and dreams that he and his family are monkeys in the zoo.

    The Dart of War
    Hiro and Mitzi have a blow darts competition after trying to teach Shin. Who will win?

    Happiness Bunny's Revenge
    Happiness Bunny comes to life.

  • 8/29/06

    Lactose Overdose
    Mitzi buys ten cartons of milk for Shin to use for a school project which he of course didn't tell her about until the last minute. She doesn't want the milk to go to waste, so she comes up with creative ways to use it up, much to Hiro's disapproval. Finally, Shin comes up with an idea to use the milk to take a bath in, but no one counted on Hima becoming a bit too comfortable in the milk bath.

    Meet the Parasites
    The Nohara's neighbors Michi and Yoshirin are struggling with trying to live off their small budget and end up taking advantage of the Nohara family's hospitality . . . and appliances.

    Race for Your Life, Georgie Brown
    After Shin arrives late to meet up with his friends, the group agrees there should be a penalty. Georgie and Shin find themselves in a competition with each other trying not to be the last one to arrive at their destination.

  • 8/28/06

    Needle Mania
    Mitzi is going to the doctor for a check-up. She changes into some sexy underwear in hopes the doctor will ask her to undress, but the doctor never needs to have her undress so it's wasted. Shin of course tags along to annoy Mitzi during the course of her exam.

    Sister Pact
    In a fit of jealousy Ai decides she needs a sibling, so she asks Penny to fill the position. The two get along at first until they cannot decide who should be compared to Jessica or Ashley Simpson.

    A Bootyful Day in the Neighborhood
    Shin's grandfather cautions him to never talk to strangers, and upon leaving the house, Shin gets approached by a lecherous old man. Shin tries to get help from the police, but they ignore him. Shin then wanders off to play baseball with some other kids, but on the way he gets side-tracked and ends up entertaining some drunk college girls.

  • 8/24/06

    The Unbearable Sadness of Being (the Happiness Bunny)
    The backstory concerning Penny's mom's original stuffed bunny and how she came to vent her anger out on it.

    A Fistful of Bunny
    Penny's mom tries to give up her violent ways towards her stuffed bunny, and she encourages Penny to do the same. That is going to be harder to do than expected when Shin-chan stops by for a visit, with Ai following close behind.

    Curious Georgie Goes to the Zoo
    During a visit to Shin's house, Georgie ends up spending all his time trying to entertain Shin's little sister Hima.

    Action Bastard Busts a Move!

    Out of ideas for new fighting moves, Action Bastard holds a contest for viewers to come up with a new technique for him to use during the next episode of his show. Shin and the children try to come up with a new fighting move to submit to the contest but as it turns out inspiration can come from the most unlikeliest of places.

  • Safe as a Dry Hump
    Episode 3

    Ench-man Returns!
    Shin catches Principal Ench changing into Ench-man to help Mitzi unlock her bike. Shin threatens to give away Ench-man's secret identity unless he makes him his new sidekick....Pocket Rocket Boy.

    Ai Needs a Hero!

    In an effort to get closer to Shin, the local rich girl Ai Saotome schemes to win over Shin's father Hiro.

    Ench-man Forever!
    Ench-man and Pocket Rocket Boy fail at catching Tiger Woman after she tries to rob Hiro. They soon discover Tiger Woman is actually Miss Katz from Shin's school.

    Hima Nohara in "Creeping Terror!"
    In this Hima-Mitzi episode, Mitzi chases after Hima after she steals Mitzi's catalog.

    Death to the Franchise
    Ench-man unwillingly must team up with Tiger Woman and Pocket Rocket Boy a.k.a. Shin. Neither of his new sidekicks are good at keeping Ench-man's identity secret. Soon Ench-man's secret is out and everyone from Shin's school now wants to be his sidekick.

  • To Be A Man?
    Episode 2

    The Brotherhood of the Groveling Allowance
    After being turned down for an allowance by his mom, Shin gets Hiro on his side and convinces him that not only does he need an allowance but his father deserves one too as a matter of honor of being a man.

    Action Bastard says: "Put Your Mouth on a Sausage!"
    A commercial following the latest episode of Shin's favorite show Action Bastard explains that kids can get their very own Bastard Belt if they buy ten peppered sausages and send in the stickers. Shin convinces his mom Mitzi to buy them, but Shin didn't know he would be expected to actually eat them.

    Hima Nohara in "Laundry Quandry"
    In this Hima-Mitzi themed episode, Hima has taken a liking to building things out of small objects, but she soon turns her attention to building with Mitzi's valuable glass dishes and other household items.

    Ench-man Begins
    In this episode we are introduced to Ench-man. In a narrative parodying the origin of Spider-Man we learn the secret of Principal Ench, who by day is just a school principal but by night he becomes... Ench-man.

  • Pee Strike
    Episode 1

    Shin's Allowance
    Georgie and Maso convince Shin he deserves an allowance, but his mother Mitzi refuses, so Shin goes "on spike".

    A Very Wrong Engagement
    Maso has a crush on Ai, but Ai is in love with Shin. Unfortunately, the feelings are not reciprocated by Shin. After Maso witnesses Shin shrugging off Ai's advances, he becomes infuriated and feels the need to defend her honor by proposing a duel against Shin. Shin takes Maso's proposal wrong and mistakenly thinks Maso wishes to marry him.

    Loopy in the Sky with Demons
    Shin is sick and comes down with a fever. While sleeping, Shin has a series of hallucinogenic dreams brought on by the fever. In his dreams he ends up teaming up with his favorite hero Action Bastard to battle the Fever Demon.

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