Shin Chan

Season 2 Episode 1

Shin Wars

Aired Daily 12:30 AM Apr 12, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Shin Wars: Episode IV: A Poo Hope
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Darth Bader has kidnapped Princess Labia, only in this version she's not hot! Now it's up to Any-Wan Canblowme and young Puke Skypooper to save the princess, and first they'll need a ship...but it's been towed! Your light rod is weak and flaccid, old man. Wait, that's not what happens!

Shin Wars: Episode V: The Empire Likes Sprack
Now was it Lord Bader or Master Bader? Either way, the helmet head is feeling a great disturbance in his shorts! Meanwhile, Puke Skypooper and Princess Labia find themselves the reluctant rescuers of oppressed semi-cute woodland creatures! Great, we're pandering to a younger demographic!

Shin Wars: Episode VI: Re-turd of the Hentai
As our heroes continue their laborious climb up to the Meth Star, the woodland insurgents prepare to take on the High Fighters. And after the surprise return of Any-Wan Canblowme, young Skypooper faces off against Darth Bader one last time! Just what we need, another glowing cock fight. Remember, matters not Master Puke!


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  • Best way to start the second season of a show ever! :D

    The second season of "Crayon Shin-Chan" is already shaping up to be very promising indeed! :D Right off the bat, we get a very special treat: a full-on parody of all Three of the original "Star Wars" trilogy films with a few references to the prequel trilogy thrown in for good measure, all mashed up into one 30 minute episode and it works! Mitzi is in danger from Darth Bader, so she sends Whitey to get some help from Any-Wan and Shin-Chan, doing an infinitely better job of being entertaining than Mark Hammill did in "The Big Red One!" :roll: They get a pilot named Ham Solo who is a hog and pilots a transforming ship! They go on a course to Balderaan, but instead get trapped in the Meth Star! Any-Wan does his best to fight Darth Bader, but the old master's no match for the dark villain! Any-Wan's encased in ice and sent adrift in space! Mean-while, Ham Solo betrays the others, so the protagonists escape to a planet William Hanna and Chuck Jones would both be fond of: one inhabited by cute children dressed in cute animal costumes! In order for the kids to be able to help out our heros, the heros must first free them from the tyranny of a vicious Hutt! Fortunately, Shin and Mitzi both know the song that tames the gigantic beast and shrink her to a small, baby size. Once that's done, the hero's climb up towards the Meth Star while the kids get ready to fight the Empire! But then something happens Darth Bader does not expect: Any-Wan comes back with his light sword! Only it's up to Shin-Chan to fight! In a funny twist, the learner defeats the Master, and it turns out to be his father! Mitzi turns out to be his wife, and Hima turns out to be Shin's sister, and Any-Wan turns out to be Shin's Grandfather! :lol: Talk about your plot twists! And the children prove to be succesful in defeating the Empire and destroying the Meth Star! 8) This is one great episode! ;)moreless

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    • Whitey: I'm confused, are we on Taintooine or the forest moon of Backdoor?

    • Darth Bader: Your weapons are insignificant to the power of a mystic ability that is trademarked. Experience the dank side of the foot.

    • (Ham Solo is getting beat up by Shin-Chan, Mitzi, Hiro, Hima, and Whitey) Ham Solo: No full pleasure body suit is worth this!

    • Boo: You-sa thinkin' we-sa weecocks gonna die?
      Penny: Me-sa thinkin' you-sa weetard.

    • Mitzi as Princess Labia: (reads sign) "You are halfway up and halfway down." Is this another Hentai mind trick?!
      Shin-Chan as Puke Skypooper : I don't think so.
      Mitzi: At least that means we're halfway there.
      Whitey: But if we're halfway there, that means we're leaving the gravitational pull of one object and entering the gravitational pull of a-NOTHER!!!!(Shin-Chan, Mitzi, Hima, and Whitey get pulled towards the Meth Star)

    • Whitey: Wait, I'm confused. Are we on the desert planet of Fartoonie or on the forest moon of Bendover?

    • Whitey: This is the first of what I'm sure will be many times that I will say this, but I've got a bad feeling about this.

    • Mitzi as Princess Labia: My boobs are as flat as a Hoth ice sheet!

    • Darth Bader: Remember that in our first fight, I killed a pregnant and very hot Natalie Portman; clearly, I mean business.

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    • Spaceballs: During the fights in this episode with the Rod-sabers, the weapons are operated like really long penises. This joke is taken directly from the fight scene with Dark Helmet and Lone Star in the Mel Brooks 1987 hit movie, which in itself was a parody of the Star Wars franchise.